Cat Throwing Up Hairball – Causes and Treatments

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Cat Throwing Up Hairball – Causes and Treatments

If your cat throwing up hairball then you need to read this. We all agree that hairballs are nothing but unpleasant. Cleaning them up might not be your hobby, but your cat could experience intestinal blockages by not throwing the hairballs up.

Naturally, cats love to groom themselves. Thus, some cat owners found out that the cat throwing up hairballs daily. Of course, keeping hairballs to a minimum is possible. First of all, you need to know everything about the hairball itself.

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Causes of cat hairballs

When your cat is throwing up its hairballs, it means that he or she is healthy – even though you find it disgusting. When a cat grooms itself, strains of its hair may pass the digestive tract. However, some of those strains may stay in the stomach – which later forms hairballs.

Vomiting is a way for your cat to get rid of those things in its stomach. Cat throwing up hairball is more common in long-haired breeds. Also, some cats that groom themselves excessively may experience this condition as well, especially when they’ve become adult cats.

Symptoms of cat hairballs

Some of you may find the sound and look of how the hairball is being eliminated disgusting. A cat will also show a few symptoms if it will get rid of hairballs in its stomach.

The symptoms include but are not limited to retching, gagging, and hacking. Once your cat shows one of those symptoms, it will vomit shortly after.

Meanwhile, some cats cannot get the hairballs out of their stomach, which is not a good thing. This condition can lead to life-threatening blockages. Thus, calling a vet should be done immediately.

Your cat may experience diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, lack of appetite or ongoing hairball symptoms without a hairball comes out of it. If one or two of those things appear in your cat, be sure to bring the cat to the vet.

How to treat cat hairballs

Even though you need to let your cat produce hairballs as it needs to, you can keep the occurrence minimum. As mentioned earlier, hairballs are a result of a cat that grooms itself excessively. You can minimize this habit by regularly groom your cat.

The next cat hairball treatment is by swapping the diet with specialized cat food for hairballs. The formulas in the food contain a high concentration of fiber, which helps to take care of the cat’s coat and fur. And this is anything you need to know about cat throwing up hairball.

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