Puppy Bladder Infection: How to Prevent It from Happening to Your Puppies

Puppy Bladder Infection

Puppy bladder infection or urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs when bacteria attack the puppy’s immune system. In many cases, UTI is not detected in puppies, and sometimes there are no signs at all. This disease causes pain when urinating, and it has a potential to cause other health problems. To prevent pain and discomfort in your puppies, take early prevention of UTI.


Make Sure Your Puppy is Well Taken Care

You should keep the back area of ​​your pets as clean as possible. Puppy bladder infection is generally more common in female puppies than males because of the shape of female’s genitalia and its position close to the anus. The female puppy’s genitals are very exposed, and it can be an entry point for contamination of residual feces from anus. Regardless of your puppy’s gender, trim the hair around the buttocks and genital area. This reduces the risk of dirt or bacteria from mud and soil sticking to the genitals. If your puppies are dirty, give them a bath and make sure you clean their fur up to the genital area.


Make Sure to Urinate Regularly

The longer urine stays in the bladder, the higher the chance for bacteria to multiply. Urinating regularly removes bacteria from bladder and reduces the risk of infection. Ideally, puppies should empty their bladder at least every four hours. Give them plenty of time to rest and pee. In this case, you should understand puppy bladder control.


Provide Enough Drinking Water

In addition, bacteria secrete toxins that can injure the bladder tract. When your puppies drink a lot, the water removes these toxins, reducing the risk of infection. Make sure your puppies’ trough is large, deep enough, and clean. Moreover, there should be always water in the place to drink, and don’t leave the tumbler empty. Clean the drinking bowl every day, and always change the water. If they have difficulty moving their legs, provide a water bottle in each room.


Apply a Special Diet

If your puppies are prone to UTI, visit your vet for special dietary advice. Puppy diet recipes can be tailored specifically to produce the right urine acidity level. If you get a prescription in form of ground dry food, help them get into the habit of drinking lots of water by placing water bottles in easy-to-reach location. Wet food recipes contain more water than dry food, and they are more likely to help the puppies to stay away from puppy bladder infection.


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