DA2PP Vaccine for Dogs: What Is It and What Are the Side Effects?

DA2PP Vaccine for Dogs

DA2PP vaccine for dogs is an essential vaccine given whether they are puppies or adult pets. It is important to protect them against several diseases that are serious, contagious, and can possibly result in fatal condition. It is considered as core vaccine for all domesticated pets in few countries, United States for example. The vaccine can be taken up once every three years or more often. Each letter in DA2PP stands for the disease types that the vaccine is going to resist. Here is the explanation letter by letter.


The D stands for canine distemper virus (CDV) which is caused by paramyxovirus. It is derived from Middle English word ‘distemperen’ that is used to describe the disbalance and bodily upset. If your dog caught this disease, it will affect the neurologic, respiratory and GI system, even teeth and skin. There seems to be a lot of people who think this disease is rare or doesn’t even exist anymore. The vaccine can help control the disease, but unvaccinated, wild, and stray dogs are still susceptible to it.

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The A stands for adenovirus type 2. Sometimes, the type 1 is referred to infectious canine hepatitis so it is written as H. Hepatitis can show mild symptoms like anorexia or fever, but it could lead to serious result like fatal illness or death. The dogs are especially susceptible to this if they are either very young or already has parvovirus infections. Look out for signs like thirst and conjunctivitis too.



The first P in DA2PP vaccine for dogs stands for parainfluenza. It is an easily contagious disease but fortunately less serious. It affects respiratory system, and generally doesn’t lead to death. It is still debated whether parainfluenza should be included as core vaccine, but it is a classic dog vaccine that can help a lot of canine pets.



The latter P stands for parvovirus, which is sadly very common amongst domestic pets and has causes many deaths before it was found in 1960s. Parvovirus attacks the GI tracts, and can cause severe dehydration, diarrhea, or vomiting.

The DA2PP vaccine for dogs side effects include allergic reactions, anemia, or other local reactions, such as pain, irritation, redness, swelling and abscesses. The rare yet serious side effects include respiratory disruption, nervous and reproductive system problems. However, it is still important to give DA2PP vaccine for dogs to fight and eliminate infectious diseases for your beloved pets.

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  1. My 12 yr old pitty received DA2PP bordetella and 3 yr rabies shot yesterday. She threw up her dinner last night, breakfast this morning and some soaked dry food after,(I made it mush.) Threw that up and just got sick again with stomach bile. Is this a normal vaccine reaction?

    1. I pray hour dog has since recovered. My girl died from it. I spent about a thousand to try and save her. I have a new rescue and will not be giving him this vaccine.