Seresto Dog Collar Side Effects 2019: List of Negative Pet Reactions to Watch Out for

Seresto Dog Collar Side Effects 2019

Understanding the common Seresto dog collar side effects 2019 is what every pet owner must do if they want to put the fleas and ticks-preventing piece of material for their canine friend. While it’s true that Seresto collar has received approval by the EPA, the contained chemical that works to make pest in the pets’ oil glands and oil may trigger unpredictable reaction.

Recent data gathered from Seresto collars pet users from 80 countries worldwide reveals that 1 in 568 wearer reported incident, in which mostly related to non-severe irritation on the area where the collar applied, including hair loss or reddened skin. That being said, these conditions are said to be common for other collar brands or by the use of pest prevention topical drug.

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Another possible condition that may occur due to the use of this specific pet collar brand is systemic reaction. It is especially likely to happen if the pet has abnormality or chronic medical condition of skin barrier that cause higher chemical absorption. Another significant percentage of the incident reports were related to collar ingestion by the dogs, as plastic consumption used for collar material is actually more harmful compared to the chemicals.

Similar to any type of vaccination or medication, it can be hard to predict how pets with certain sensitivities may react to the usage. Here are some signs of Seresto dog collar side effects 2019 to look for:

  • Skin irritation or redness near the collar location
  • Hair loss (alopecia) near the collar location
  • Lower appetite temporarily after the collar is applied
  • Digestive problems (such as diarrhea or vomiting)
  • Visible behavior changes (such as agitation, nervousness, or frequent scratching around the collar area)

You may notice these reactions within several hours to several days after the collar is applied to the pet. It is recommended to immediately detach the collar, contact a veterinarian, and bathe the dog, if any of the mentioned side effects above starts to take place. Bathing your pet is important to get rid of the contaminated oil using soap.

So, to wrap it up a frequently asked question: is the Seresto collar safe for dogs?  Well, unless your pet shows physical or behavioral changes, then the answer is most likely yes. However, you need to immediately strip the collar and discard it safely. Do contact the FDA or EPA too, as soon as possible if your pet experiences any noticeable Seresto dog collar side effects 2019.

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