Flea Treatment for Puppies 6 Weeks Old, What You Should Actually Do?

Flea Treatment for Puppies 6 Weeks Old, What You Should Actually Do

Flea treatment for puppies 6 weeks old is something dog lovers should understand. Puppies are the ideal spot for fleas to track down their food and breed. Fleas are extremely irritating, and they can cause tingling and aggravation on puppies’ skin. In outrageous cases, your puppies may become pale because fleas suck their blood. Tragically, fleas that taint them are very hard to dispose of. Therefore, the treatment is managed by keeping the little dogs clean, while dealing with the mother and any sheet material or delicate decorations they have contacted. Here are the things you really need to focus in dealing with flea treatment.


Do Not Use Any Anti-Flea Products

Infant puppies are the favorable place for fleas since they are warm and produce dampness. Sadly, anti-flea products are undependable to use on puppies since their organs are as yet delicate and helpless against the results of hostile to anti-flea products.


Take Puppies Bath With Warm Water

Since there are no suitable products for flea treatment for puppies 6 weeks old, the main flea treatment for dogs is to manually eliminate all fleas by warm bathing them. Fill a sink or bowl with warm water. The water temperature is generally equivalent to the temperature for washing a human child. Put the puppies in the water, and then support their head with your hands, so they stay over the water level. Gather up the water manually, and wet the entire body until they are totally wet. Move them from the water, and put them on a perfect, warm towel. Delicately wipe them with a towel to retain overabundance water.


A Flea Comb is a Big Help

Place the puppies on a dry cloth on a table or other flat area. Use a flea comb to comb their fur from the head to the back of body. If you do it right, the fleas will get caught between the combs. Repeat several times until you are sure there are no fleas left. Do not forget to kill them by burning or putting them in hot water.


Keep Them Away from Fleas Infected Places

The last treatment is to keep the puppies away from the flea infected place, and move them to a clean place. You also have to temporarily keep them away from their mother because usually if puppies get fleas, the mother is also infected. Just bring them closer to their mother after you clean her from fleas. This flea treatment for puppies 6 weeks old will prevent the puppies from getting infected again.

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