Is Advantix on Cats Safe for Your Feline Friend?

Advantix on Cats

Advantix on cats is something that you should always think about first before giving it to the feline. One of the biggest problems on cats is flea, and of course you want to get rid of them. Instead of bringing the cat to the vet, most cat owners prevent over-the-counter preventive like Advantix. However, there are, of course, some risks, and these are more explanations about it,

What is Advantix?

As you have guessed, Advantix is an over-the-counter medication for fleas. It is meant for dogs as the product is actually dog’s product. It is never meant for cats, but pet owners often treat dogs and cats equally. They often think Advantix on cats is fine, and they just have to reduce the dose, considering cats are generally smaller than dogs.


Is it Safe for Cat?

Well, it is not. Cats are not dogs. Dog’s products are sometimes very dangerous for cats. Advantix is one of them. It is believed Advantix ingredients are too strong for cats, and they cannot take it. Even though you are reducing the dose, Advantix contains permethrin, which is great for dogs, but not so good for cats.


The Risk of Giving Advantix to Cat

In addition, the risk of giving the fleas med to the cat is a lot. At first, it seems like unnoticeable but you will see more of the risks as the time goes by. It has the risk of seizure and even blindness to the cats. The cats with permethrin poisoning will also show the signs like lameness and also heavy vomiting. They will start losing weight and they will be unwell all the time.


How to Prevent That?

The one thing you should remember to prevent any of those risks from happening is not to give any sorts of dog products to cats. Remember, they are different and sometimes what’s good for dog is bad for cat, including this flea meds.

Now, it is clear that Advantix is not for cats. It should never be given to them because it is dangerous for cats. That’s why you should never ever try to use it on your cat. It will lead to many, many unwanted situations, including the cat being dead at the end. For those who are still wondering about using Advantix on cats, you better do not do it since it is extremely wrong.

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