Over the Counter Pain Meds for Cats: Why Should You Be Careful?

Over the Counter Pain Meds for Cats

In fact, giving over the counter pain meds for cats is something that every cat owner wants to do. Looking at the cat being in pain, probably caused by wound, illness, or arthritis, is unbearable. However, giving OTC meds for cats should be done really carefully. This is the further information about the situation, so you know what to do when giving OTC meds for cats.

The Common OTC Pain Meds for Cats

For your information, the most common pain relief OTC meds for cats are including Opioids, Amitriptyline and Methocarbamol. You can get them in drugstore, and you do not need to use vet’s prescription for that. Make sure you get one with FDA approval.


The Risks of OTC Pain Meds

There are several risks when it comes to OTC pain meds. Giving over the counter pain meds for cats can bring you the risk of overdose and allergic reaction. It is because cats need specific dosage for medicine, due to their weights. They are sometimes allergic to certain drugs, and this is why getting OTC meds is slightly risky.


The Safer Alternative

Well, instead of giving aspirin for cats or any pain meds, you should always try the natural, safer way. There are numerous natural ingredients that can be used as pain relief for cats. Cranberry juice is one of them. It is packed with vitamins and anti-inflammation property as well. Giving it to the cats will help them to get soothed from the pain and get well easily.


Why Vets are Important?

Vets are important because they are capable to run the right tests, and they will find the exact reason for the pain on cat. When the cats are in pain but the cause in unclear, you can only guess. However, in vet’s office, surely some tests will be run to figure out what is wrong. In addition, you can get the right meds for the pain relief and your cats should be fine soon.

It is believed that vet’s treatment and medications are always better. Vets know the exact dose and the causes of pain. Even though OTC is handy and easy to get, if you do not want to risk it, you should always opt for the vets. It does not mean over the counter pain meds for cats are unsafe but you just have to take the safest option.

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