Some Antidiarrheal for Dogs to Try

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Some Antidiarrheal for Dogs to Try

Antidiarrheal for dogs helps you to stop the diarrhea of your dogs. When you clean your pet’s feces, it is a great way to know your pet’s health conditions, specifically their intestinal tract. If your dog in an ideal condition, the pup will be brown and log-shaped, and firm. While if you find out it is liquid and loose, then you know that something happens. If your dog suffers from severe diarrhea, see your veterinarians see the problems of your dog’s intestines. Or for mild diarrhea, you can handle it with ease at home with the help of several home remedies to try.

The Cause of Diarrhea

The fecal material moves faster through the intestine, then that is diarrhea. It is also the result of the decreased absorption of nutrients, water, and electrolytes. If your dog show diarrhea as the main sign of sickness, then the problem is simply intestinal infection from viruses, bacteria, intestinal worms, or coccidia. This can be triggered by dietary indiscretion or a change in diet. Another trigger is stress because of the changes in the environment, for instance.

Yet, notice the condition, because it can also lead you to more serious problems like viral and bacterial infections, allergies, organ dysfunction, inflammatory intestinal disease, and also systemic illness.

Drugs to Treat Diarrhea

The medication you take will depend on how acute diarrhea; you can try to have dog diarrhea home remedy when the problem is mild. Yet, if it worsens, you better see veterinarians see what drugs are the best to treat the problems.

There are at least two drugs you can try to treat a dog’s diarrhea. The first antidiarrheal for dogs is Kaolin-pectin which is a form of aluminum silicate. This is a kind of carbohydrate that is extracted from citrus fruits. It is claimed that the drugs will work to bind the bacterial toxins and act as an adsorbent. The drugs will help to change your dog’s feces consistency, but will not decrease the electrolyte and fluid loss.

Other Remedies to Try

Along with the drugs, you can let your dog fasting for a day. Yet, ensure that the dogs have access to clean and fresh water, because diarrhea may lead to dehydration. Fasting will help the dog’s gut to repair and rest itself. This suggestion will work well for adolescent dogs. Avoid doing it for small dogs, puppies, or very old dogs since they may need constant nutrition. Here are anti-diarrheal for dogs.

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