Terro Liquid Ant Bait Dog Ate: What Owners Must Do

terro liquid ant bait dog ate

You may have experience related to terro liquid ant bait dog ate. Well, dogs are curious animal and often do something expected. When finding interesting stuffs, they might lock or chew them, and the worst part is swallowing. When such situation happens, the owners must know few things, and know what to do.

Ant trap

Certain season is perfect weather for ants to go to the house for more foods. During this period, the house will have ants around many areas. In order to get rid of them, you may rely on ant trap. Basically, this trap will attract ants and trap them until they are died. Unfortunately, the trap has strong odor for nearby dogs. In that case, they will play with that trap and chew it. It is not issue when the dogs only chew but not swallow it. However in some cases, terro liquid ant bait dog ate happens and the owner must do something immediately.


Minor side effect

Terro liquid ant trap contains chemical compounds that specifically for killing insects. Usually, it is small amount and the dosage is enough for ants. In that case, dogs may experience minor side effect in gastric and intestines. Most issue will be related to digestive system. If the dogs consume it in small amount, the side effect will not appear particular for strong and health dogs. However, the situation might be worse when the dogs eat ant trap regularly. Chemical compound will give the reaction, so the dogs need immediate treatment.


Ant trap doesn’t kill dog

In general, dog owner can relax. Dogs have strong immune system and high metabolism. Ant trap will not kill them at regular basis. At first, the dogs may only feel extreme thirsty after eating ant trap. You should provide more water, and their digestive system will adjust immediately. After several resting days, the dogs will be back in good health. You should keep the ant trap out of dog reach. Your dogs may eat the trap once or twice, and it will not create any issue. However, you cannot let them make the same mistake over and over.

As it mentioned above, dogs do not have issue with eating ant trap. As long as it is in low level, there is no significant side effect. Of course, you cannot do reckless thing when putting ant trap in random place. Make sure the dogs cannot find it easily. If the symptoms go worse, the dogs must receive treatment from vet. Immediate treatment and preventive measure will solve terro liquid ant bait dog ate case as soon as possible.

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  1. Thank you for providing helpful information, because it costs 75$ to talk to RSPCA animal poison control. That is bs.