Dog Microchip Tracker: What to Know about the Tiny Tracking Device for Pets

Dog Microchip Tracker 2

Dog microchip tracker is an RFID, or radio-frequency identification, implant. As the name implies, the only purpose of using it is for identification. The item is comprised of small-sized electronic chip that has unique identification number. The chip is covered with glass cylinder that has 11 to 14 mm length and 2 to 2.5 mm thickness – as large as a grain of rice. It normally weighs about 0.025 gr. The process to input the microchip is relatively pain-free and quickly. The injection usually takes place on the space between the dog’s shoulder blades.

The sole function of dog microchip tracking device is to locate the dogs if they ever lost, and found by someone else, then brought to a vet. The vet helps to identify who’s the owner through scanner to read the identification code in the microchip. The ID is then used to reach the owner via their provided and registered contact information that’s saved within the database. That’s why it is important for microchipped dog owner to always keep their contact information up to date.

Nowadays, implanting dog microchip tracker is a common practice across the world. Some countries even legally required it. The benefit of using microchip is the convenient, safe, and permanent solution to identify your canine companion.

That being said, it is unfortunate that the use of microchip is extremely limited. The only way it can be used and bring actual benefit is if your dog is found by somebody, and then they proceed to bring pet to vet to get the microchip read. It certainly a less useful technology tool if you are looking for the missing dog. In this scenario, the item provides little help in discovering the lost pet.

Regardless, you may want to consider planting them on your dogs. Nowadays, not only the vets at animal clinics can scan the microchip, but also majority of pet shelters. These places even made it a routine to scan found pets to determine their microchip numbers. Then the next step they would take is to reach the company manufacturer of the microchip, provide the identified number of the microchip, for then the number is looked up in the company’s database to look for a match. It increases the chance of lost pet being connected back to their owner, so there is no reason why you should be hesitant about getting dog microchip tracker for your beloved pet and register the required information in the company’s database.

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