Panacur C for Cancer to Cure the Dogs and Possibly Humans

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Panacur C for Cancer

Development to extend Panacur C for cancer is still on progress. This medicine is known for the issue that occurs in dogs. For cancer, there is possibility that human can endure this medicine. To know more about this topic, read the following sections.

Worm treatment

This medicine has another name called fenbenzole. Based on instructions, it is capable to get rid of roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and whipworm. Mostly, the dog owners use it when their pets have worm issue. Veterinarians also recommend it for other parasites. This product receives FDA approval and does not have extreme side effect. One common problem is excess dosage induces stool. In that case, you must stop using this medicine, and visit the vet immediately.


Panacur c for cancer

Research showed the promising cancer treatment through this medicine. Parasites can infect the dog and lead to resistant condition to the immune system. In order to get rid of it, the dogs need strong medicine, and Panacur C for cancer becomes alternative. Moreover, lack of side effect is good news for further cancer treatment. The cancer is chronic disease that takes more than several years until it is completely cured. Therefore, the medicine is safe to be used for longer period.


Dosage and side effect

The basic function of this medicine is worm treatment. In human, worm medicine also has the same composition. Human and mammals like dogs have strong affinity. Both have the same metabolism, but still with different body structure and morphology. Usually, all medicines experiments for human start from the pets. When one medicine has potential, the research expands and that’s what happens on Panacur C. With low dosage, you may take this medicine as emergency treatment for worm. The dosage is available based on dog age, weight, and severity. Panacur cancer treatment will use this information for proper procedure.

If your dogs have cancer, visiting the vets is the best option. They will recommend treatment and proper medicine. Panacur C may be one of the medicines you can obtain easily. The product is available at nearby drugstore for pets. As alternative, you can also order it via online with affordable price. Make sure to check the dosage instruction before giving it to your dogs. Besides, the medicine is also suitable for other pets like cats. Of course, the dosage is different, but the treatment and function are similar. The Panacur C for cancer is reliable for worm treatment and of course the cancer.

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  1. My shelter rescue 15 yr old dog has cancer and spinal problems it has progressed to her lungs,her vet said 3-6 months,I am giving her Tumeric and autoimmune doses and mushrooms and cbd its been 4 mos since diagnosis,Started on raw diet with fruit and veggies every day.Heard about Panacur C and bought it and other stuff with it,but all doses given are for humans! Could you tell me the dosage for a 66 lb dog of Panacur C to fight cancer?

  2. My 12 year old lab / hound mix is being treated for a large tumor in his spleen/abdomen area with PrediniSone 20mg. Via his X rays He also shows some spinal degradation.
    His normal weight is around 130 lbs now 107. Can I give him Panacur C along with his ongoing treatment? If so what dosage. Thank you

  3. Dosage for dogs w/ Cancer is 1 gram, (1/4 tsp) size is irrelevant, what is important in the treatment of cancer is to add Tumeric to the daily diet along with the Panacur C. Some people have also added CBD Oil as well.

  4. what can i give my cat for cancer in mouth.. she cant hardly eat i wonder about panacure c i give her pain meds the vet gave me but not much i read it hurts the red blood cells please help???

  5. My 5 year old Pitty was just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Cancer on Thursday. He has it in his left knee that is making it difficult to walk on. It started in his right knee, right pelvic area and the very beginning stages of his chest. We have him on prednisone and gabapentin twice a day. He is doing great other then his one leg he doesn’t seem to be showing any other signs. The vet felt no other treatment will help but I don’t believe that. He gave him months. I want to try the Panacur C and turmeric but I need the correct dosage for a 56 lb dog.