DA2PPV Vaccine for Dogs: All You Need to Know about the Essential Vaccine

DA2PPV Vaccine for Dogs

DA2PPV vaccine is one of the most mandatory shots you have to give to your dogs. It will prevent them from numerous types of diseases and you just have to give it to them. Where to get them? Of course you should go to the vet and have them scheduled for the shot. If you have never known about this vaccine and you want to get it soon, read the information down below.

What is DA2PP Vaccine?

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The vaccine is to prevent several gruesome diseases including parvo and parainfluenza. The DA2PP has its D stands for distemper. The A2 is for adenovirus type 2. As for the P and other P stand for parvo and parainfluenza. The vaccine is used to prevent all of them. Essentially, it protects the dog from those diseases and helps them to get their temper softened, too.


When to Get the Vaccine?

DA2PPV vaccine should be given several times during the lifetime of the dogs. The shot should be given to the dog for the first time when the dog is six weeks old. Then, the second shot should be given when the dog is 10 weeks. There will be third shot to give when the dog is around 16 weeks old. Then, the shot stops for a while and it will be continued when the dog is 16 months old. After that, the shot should be given once every three years.


The Side Effect

Besides understanding the DA2PPV vaccine schedule, you also need to know the side effect. Of course there will be side effects to the shot. However, for this type of vaccine, the side effects are considered mild and even go unnoticed. One of the most common side effects of this shot is nausea. Your dog may vomit a little bit, too, but it is quite normal. Unless the vomit is too much and frequent, you do not have to take the dog back to the vet.

Now you know how important it is for the shot to be given to the dogs. That is the reason why you should be able to schedule the shot whenever you want to the dog’s vet. They do understand the importance of the vaccine and thus they will allow your dog to get the shots. Make sure that you know how to contact your vet and order the DA2PPV vaccine from now on.

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