Dog Birthing Box to Help Your Dogs Have a Comfortable Birth

Dog Birthing Box to Help Your Dogs Have a Comfortable Birth

Dog birthing box or whelping boxes are necessary if you plan to help your dogs to give birth at home instead of taking them to the vet. However, it is still important to have vets to contact if the things get complicated. Their expertise is invaluable, and they will be able to support you to ensure all puppies are delivered safely.

At home, you should set aside a special area where the dogs will give birth. In addition, this area is set up properly with the whelping box to ensure the mother is stress-free and comfortable, so the puppies get the best possible start. After entering the period of dog labor, start preparing a place for them to give birth. Prepare a box where the mother dog gives birth and raises her puppies. The following are some tips for making a whelping box.


Make the Box

This dog birthing box should be made of a non-porous and easy to clean material with the right size for your dog and puppies. You may use cardboard for example. Place a sheet of thick cardboard on the bottom, and then cover it with several sheets of newsprint. Cover everything with a warm blanket. This blanket should be large enough, so the edges can be tucked neatly under the four corners of the crib. It will prevent the puppies from getting trapped under, or in the creases of the blanket.


Adjust the Box Size

Adjust the size of whelping box to the size of mother dog. The length and width of the box is usually one and a half times the length of mother dog, with a height of 20-40 cm. The box should be given horizontal boards inside parallel to the bottom of box, with a width of 5-8 cm from the bottom area. This is to reduce the chances of puppies being squashed by their mother. It is even better if one side of box can be lowered to make it easier for the mother dog to get in and out of the box.


Additional Things

Place the box in a dry and non-humid location in a warm nuisance-free environment. Give newspapers, cloths, or soft materials that are easy to lift as a base in the box. Prepare a blanket, piece of cloth, or a towel for extra cushioning to keep the puppies warmer inside the dog birthing box.

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