Barkbox Scooby-Doo, a Limited Edition Box Specially Made for Your Dog

Barkbox Scooby-Doo, a Limited Edition Box Specially Made for Your Dog

Barkbox Scooby-Doo comes as a gift for your beloved dogs, and it will make them happy. Have you ever thought about giving a gift to your dogs? Maybe it is not for their birthday, but it is a gift because you really love them. If so, Scooby Doo Dog Toys are perfect for you. Its offer is very tempting and can’t be missed. Well, it presents knick-knacks and treats for your dogs. It is a deal that you can get by subscribing to purchase it with a choice of 6 or 12 months. To celebrate Scoob! movie which will hit theaters soon, Barkbox presents a limited box featured Scooby Doo theme. What will you get from this special limited edition box? Here are the details.


4 Toys

The first thing you will get from Barkbox Scooby-Doo that will excite you and your dogs is 4 stuffed toys. Since the theme is Scooby Doo, you will definitely get a Scoob doll. Who doesn’t know this big talking brown Great Dane? Well, he is the coolest dog in the movie. This doll with a height of approximately 30 cm is perfect for fetch, snuggle, and wrestling. It is the fate for Scoob to be chased in the film and in the real world.

Next up, there is Muttley. For you who don’t know who Muttley is, this mischievous dog with a characteristic laugh is Dick Dastradly’s partner. They are both the main antagonists in the Wacky Racer series. Just like the Scoob doll, this Muttley doll is also suitable to use as a toy for your dog.

The next stuffed toy that you will get is The Mystery Machine. This car doll is equipped with your dog’s favorites, from the squeakers, cracking crinkle, and fluff. The last toy is Scoob’s Groovy Sandwich. Be careful, even though it looks yummy, this is just a stuffed toy.


1 Treat

Who wants Scooby Snack? You will also get this favorite food from Shaggy and Scoob in Barkbox. This snack does not use corn, wheat, or soy, so it is guaranteed that your dog will eat it 100%. You will not only get 1 snack, but 2. Maybe you also want to eat it with your dog like Shaggy.


1 Chew

It still doesn’t feel right if there is no chew in this package. The main raw material for this chew is beef. Therefore, your dog will be very crazy with this unique chew from Barkbox Scooby-Doo.

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