Why Does My Dog Nibble On Blankets and How to Handle Such Situation

Why Does My Dog Nibble On Blankets

You may have a question about why does my dog nibble on blankets. That’s not new thing because most of dog owners experience this situation. Blanket is only one of media that dog chooses when nibbling. They might be in your clothes, toys, sofa, chair, or anything that looks soft. Why are they doing such activity? To answer this question, read the following sections for reference.

1. Natural canine behavior
Canine is animal with sharp teeth. That’s logical reason why any animal that belongs to this category will try to do nibbling. You can call it as nibble, mouthing, chewing, or biting. The word is not issue, but their behavior needs to be adjusted and controlled. The first reason why they do that activity is natural canine behavior. In wild world, wolves pack hunt down their prey and enjoy nibbling each other as communication. Dog is no longer hunting due to domesticated process. As the result, they will try to bite and nibble anytime. As owner, you just need to put the lesson about nibbling rule. It takes time, but you should try to teach the right nibbling.

2. Boredom, stress, anxiety
Another reason why does my dog nibble on blankets is boredom. You may feel comfortable to let the dog sit in your sofa and cuddle inside blanket. For longer period, the dog feels not easy because boredom. This is where they start to nibble blanket. Besides, stress and anxiety have significant factor to induce nibbling. Each dog breed has different stress level. When they are in distress situation, nibbling is their way to keep calm. The solution is you do not create any anxiety situation, particularly stress environment. Bring them outdoor for playing and try to accompany them most of the time.

3. Hungry
Last one as the reason related to my dog is chewing blanket and sheet is hungry, though it is rare in certain breeds. As stated previously, dog is canine and the teeth require being sharp. Dogs have various purposes, and hunting seems be one of high probability to do nibbling. Imagine they run to catch the prey then bite immediately. When hungry, they feel uneasy and try to bite anything nearby. This is the sign of hungry and you only need to do one thing. Feed them immediately before everything goes worse.

Nibbling is usual activity, and it is not dangerous as long as you know how to handle it. In puppy period, chewing and biting is the cute thing but you cannot take the risk when your dog is older as the teeth are sharp and strong. The above list already explains to resolve the question why does my dog nibble on blankets.

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