Cat Gunky Eye as a Sign that You Should Not Neglect

Cat Gunky Eye as a Sign that You Should Not Neglect

Your cat gunky eye can be disturbing to watch, which eventually leads you to take a tissue and wipe it off. But if this happens frequently, there must be something wrong with your cat’s ophthalmic health.

What can be the issue? In general, it’s all about infection. Your cat, especially if you let it play outside—will be prone to eye infection. This surely in contrast with homey cats, although infection cannot be denied when the condition supports the bacteria to grow.

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If you are curious what cause cat gunky eye, here is what you need to know:

What kind of gunki-ness your cat’s eye will have

There are various kinds of eye dirt that your cat may have throughout its life. For example, your cat can have morning eye dirt every day. If this is what happens, your cat doesn’t seem to have any problem yet. It is considered as normal if it doesn’t come out frequently, maybe one to two times a day.

Things may need a vet’s attention if your cat’s eye excretes too much dirt from one or both eyes in a day. If you notice red or swollen palpebra when cleaning it, and there are much dirt coming out from its eyes, it may mean a visit to your vet.

Make sure not to self-diagnose it as an infection and give your cat a human eyedrop. Eyes are a vital part of not only human body, but also a vital part for cats, too. Hence, provide your cat a good care by taking them to the vet. He/she will know what eyedrop/other medication that your cat will need.


What the color shows you

Just as humans’ eye boogers, cat eye boogers have certain colors which show us what kind of treatment we need to do. For example, if you notice that your cat’s showing yellow to greenish yellow, then it means you will need to set an appointment with your vet.

You can also tell your vet whether there are accompanying symptoms you notice in your cat. In general, redness and slight swelling will be noticeable. Some others may exhibit watery eyes; even with nasal ‘problems’ such as congestion or even frequent sneeze.

Excessive winking and rubbing in the eye can also be a serious marker of an eye infection. If possible, make sure to clean their eyes with a clean cloth. Keep them home since playing out may worsen the symptoms. If there are any dirty places that they often sleep on, it’s best to replace it.

After all, it is best to bring your feline fellow to a vet as soon as possible for further care. Your vet knows best what may cause the gunk and what suitable treatment to provide to end your cat gunky eye.

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