Knowing Some of the Common Causes of Cat Vomiting Food

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Knowing Some of the Common Causes of Cat Vomiting Food

When you see your cat vomiting food, you may start to worry about its health. It is normal for you to show the reaction because there can be some problems when the cat suddenly throws up the food right after they eat. In order to know more about it, you will need some kinds of information and references to know what actually happens, and even you can do some preventions and proper treatment

In some cases, vomiting is not serious problem. It is not necessary to go to vet in order to get treatment and medication. However, some serious health problems also have vomiting as symptom. To figure out the problems, there are some common causes of vomiting. It can be helpful for you to know what happens to your cat.

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  1. Hairball
    This is quite common to happen. When your cat throws up hairball with some foods, it means the cat has some hair or fur in its digestive system. This can happen because your cat usually washes the body and do its own grooming. By doing this, some of fur enters the body and will create such a ball since fur cannot be digested. When this happens to your cat, actually there is nothing to worry about. However, it is better to give proper grooming and treatment, so the fur does not easily fall.
  2. Allergies
    When you see cat vomiting food, it may be caused by food allergy. It may happen when you change the cat foods and actually the foods are not suitable for the cat. In some cases, vomiting may also happen because the cat simply does not like the food. As a solution, just replace the foods with suitable ones that will not create allergies.
  3. Poisoning and serious problems
    When you see your cat throwing up clear liquid and even blood, this is not common problem. It must be taken seriously since your cat may be poisoned or it has some digestive health problems. When there are bloods, inflammation may happen and you must take your cat to the vet soon. This must get suitable treatment in order to prevent it to get worse.


By paying attention to the causes, you can understand and figure out what happens to your cat. In some cases, there is nothing to worry and these will not bring serious problems. In other word, you can handle it by yourself. However, when the vomiting is getting worse and you find your cat vomiting food and other things, you must give special attention and even bring to vet.

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