Cat Sneezing and Watery Eyes Cause, Remedy and Preventions

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Cat Sneezing and Watery Eyes Cause, Remedy and Preventions

When you are having a cat, cat sneezing and watery eyes are probably the most common things to happen to your feline. There are so many questions when it does happen. It is like your cat is physically sick but you have no idea what it is. So, to answer your questions, there are some explanations down below about that particular condition. It will reveal what really happens when your cat sneezes frequently and gets watery eyes.


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What Causes Cats to Sneeze and Get Watery Eyes?

There are two main things to cause cat sneezing and watery eyes. The first one is like the milder condition, allergy. The second one is respiratory disease, which is more severe for sure. If a cat is allergic to something and they get exposed to it, their body will react and the effect can include constant sneezing and getting their eyes watery. As for respiratory disease, it is a more serious condition that affect the lungs of the cat. The cat needs to be taken to the vet immediately.


The Remedy

If the sneezing and watery eyes are caused by allergy, they can be treated at home. The sneezing cat remedy caused by allergy is including feeding the cat with warm food and take the cat outside for sunbathing. It will get the allergens out of their body and basically making the cat healthier. Unfortunately, if the cause of the condition is the respiratory disease, you have no other choice than taking the cat to the vet as the medication and treatment cannot be done on your own.


How to Prevent the Disease?

To prevent cats from getting exposed to its allergen, you need to make sure that you know what they are and keep the cat as far away as possible from them. As to prevent the respiratory disease, you will have to pay attention on the cat’s surrounding and make sure that the cat isn’t living in damp, bacteria-invested condition.

Even though some of the causes of the condition is not severe, it will be better if the cat is taken to vet. They know better and surely have the skills and expertise to examine the cat even further. This is why the cat needs to have their own vet to prevent any health conditions from worsening. For now, if your cat is no longer sneezing and having watery eyes, you can keep them healthy and make sure that the cat sneezing and watery eyes situation won’t happen again.

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