My Cat Is Sneezing and Has Watery Eyes, Now What to Do?

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My Cat Is Sneezing and Has Watery Eyes, Now What to Do

Did you type ‘my cat is sneezing and has watery eyes’ in that search engine column? Sneezing cats are common, though. It is a trick done by its body to release any irritants that come through their respiratory system, just like humans do. So, if done occasionally, there is nothing to worry about it. However, persistent sneezing can be something that needs further care.  If things aren’t getting better, you may even need to prepare a day to take your furry friend to a vet.

If your cat is being doomed by its sneeze and runny eyes (some even include runny nose), it can be an infection causing those to happen. Below are some causes that make your cat sneezes a lot.

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Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections

This can be the classic cause of your cat’s sneeze. If you are coming to the vet eventually, then your vet will take a swab samples. A most-probable illness is the upper respiratory infection. Infections are more frequent in younger cats, and these can be anticipated prior with a vaccination.


Irritants or allergens existence

Have you ever sneezed after smelling a stir-fried chili? The strong scent emerging out from chili is what causes us to sneeze. The same case goes to our feline fellows. Had there been something that irritates their respiratory organs, the reflex action is to sneeze it out. Some potential allergens/irritants for cats include:

  • Perfumes
  • Dusts
  • Pollen
  • Pest sprays
  • Mold
  • Cigarette smoke

Not all cats are sneezing because of aforementioned irritants, but chances are higher once cats are proposed to these agents.


Other causes

Other causes that can be included are allergies, intranasal blockage, or in such very rare cases – sneezing is a sign of cancer.

What to do once my cat is sneezing and has watery eyes? First of all, don’t be too concerned. Most cats sneeze, if followed with mild symptoms only (such as the watery eyes or runny nose), you can just simply monitor them and have them indoor to be watched for changes. Make sure to clean their house (if any), and help them to avoid things that can make them sneeze, such as dirty rugs, pest spray molecules, or even their litter box.

But if things went south, like there’s blood in their nasal discharge, having thicker discharge, or followed by difficult breath – it’s time to arrange an appointment with the vet. No need to type ‘My cat is sneezing and has watery eyes home remedy’ on your search engine. Just ignite the machine and go. Your lovely pet may not have time waiting for ‘My cat is sneezing and has watery eyes’ result.

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