Hairballs in Cats Home Remedy in Three Different Methods

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Hairballs in Cats Home Remedy in Three Different Methods

Plenty of pet owners are immediately looking for hairballs in cats home remedy when they notice the strange sound coming from their feline companion. You might have experienced before: waking up due to the retching, gagging, and vomiting noise – then witnessing your cat struggles to get rid of foreign object. You have to quickly reach for cleaning sprays or paper towels as you try to remove the tubular and gooey masses of filth.

In fact, hairballs or trichobezoars might occur as your cat try to groom itself. The hair is swallowed and passed to the stomach. You may prevent this incident by using hairballs in cats home remedy below. However, if your cat is currently dealing with specific illness or is elderly, you might want to discuss with your vet before trying out these methods.

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Brushing the hair
Hairball clump might be caused by shedding, that’s why removing loose hair can help to reduce it. Try to regularly brush the cat once a day, especially if your pet is on shedding period or is naturally long haired. Your cat may find this grooming session relaxing and grow to love it.

Petroleum jelly
The next best home remedy for hairballs in cats is to apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to their paws, in order to relieve this particular problem. The jelly that licked by your cat will help to lubricate their digestive track. Thus, the feces expulsion will be more comfortable because it removes hair from their digestion system. It can be done for about once a week.

Olive oil
To help your cat pass the hair in their digestive track with ease, try to add olive oil to their food. You may start to put a teaspoon of olive oil once a week or so, as soon as you see the cat struggles with hairballs. However, keep in mind not to force the oil inside their mouth because it might be delivered into lungs instead. Let your pet slowly lick it.

Although the home remedies above can make difference in your pet’s situation most of the time, it is important to look for danger signs. You need to see a vet right away in case you notice dry heaving, vomiting, abdominal swelling, or losing appetite symptoms on your cat. Other times, these hairballs in cats home remedy will help you to solve the issue naturally.

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