Understanding Cat Gooey Eye – Causes and Treatments

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Understanding Cat Gooey Eye – Causes and Treatments

Cat gooey eye can be a sign of a more serious health issue on your fur baby. It can be caused by several factors as well. Anything from a mild cold to corneal disorder can lead to a gooey eye on your cats. Knowing the causes of the disease will help you to find the rightest treatment to cure the symptoms effectively.

What Causes Cat Gooey Eye

Gooey-eye on cats can be caused by various causes. There are a few common reasons why cats suffer from eye discharge.

  • Feline Upper Respiratory Infections
    This eye gooey condition is commonly caused by viruses like feline calicivirus, protozoa, and bacteria.
  • Conjunctivitis
    Also being known as a pink-eye disease, conjunctivitis can lead the eyes of your fur baby to get red and swollen. The disease can also cause difficulty breathing on your cat if the condition comes along with fever and diarrhea.
  • Dry Eye
    Dry eyes on cats can cause red eyes, inflamed cornea, and even blindness.
  • Corneal Disorders
    These conditions can increase tears production, inflammation, and excessive blinking.

Treatment for Cat Gooey Eye

Cat gooey eye can be treated effectively, depending on the conditions that lead to the disease. In this way, pet owners are suggested to consult a veterinarian first to find the best treatment for their cats’ conditions. Some of the possible treatment given to cats with gooey eye including:

  • Antibiotics
    Antibiotics are often prescribed if the gooey eye on your cat is caused by an infection like a feline upper respiratory infection. Depending on how serious the infection is, the treatment can be different from one cat to another. Some other common treatments given to the cat eye discharge caused by infections are eye medications, fluids, and decongestants.
  • Steroid Ointment
    If the gooey eye on your cat is caused by dust, weeds, pollen, and other irritants often found in conjunctivitis, the common treatment given is steroid ointment. Meanwhile, antibiotic ointment is more common to be prescribed for cat eye discharge caused by bacterial infections.
  • Immune Suppressing Drug
    Prescriptions such as an immune-suppressing drug are often given if the gooey eye on the cat is because of immune-mediated disease and distemper. The two diseases can cause your cats’ eyes to dry. As an alternative, vets also give artificial tears, ointment, eye drops, or antibiotics to ease the symptoms.
  • Surgery
    Vets will consider some treatment options depending on what causes the disorder in the cats’ cornea. If the condition is serious, surgery is often recommended. Sometimes, vets also suggest cauterization, removing loose corneal tissue, and drops that boost healing to treat cat gooey eye caused by corneal disorders.

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