Cat Keeps Scratching Ears, What Does It Mean?

Cat Keeps Scratching Ears, What Does It Mean

Cat keeps scratching ears without ceasing could be a sign of a serious issue. Ear problems are common in cats due to their sensitivity to infections, parasites, and allergies. If your cats are experiencing any of these symptoms, take them to the veterinarian for a thorough examination, diagnosis, and proper treatment. As well as knowing the most common ear problems that cats can have, it’s also helpful to know the symptoms to look for.

As a cat lover, you should know some of the symptoms which indicate ear problem in cats. If you find some of the following symptoms, it is better to immediately take your cats to vet for further treatment.

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  • Scratching and pawing at ears and head excessively
  • Black, brown, or yellow ear discharge
  • The head is frequently shook
  • Sensitivity to touch in the ears
  • Hemorrhaging in the ears
  • Redness in the outer ear and/or ear canal

Cat keeps scratching ears can be caused by several factors, namely:


Allergies are one of the reasons why your cats are scratching their ears excessively. Just like humans, the causes of allergies in cats are the same. These allergies can be caused by food, plants, flea-killing drugs, to parasites. You should immediately take them to the doctor for further examination.

An ear ticks

Usually ear ticks or ear mites are often found in cats that live outdoors or in open places. When the cats are outside, they are more susceptible to ear mites that become viruses and parasites. Parasites and viruses are attached to the cat’s ears and can be easily transmitted to fellow cats. Usually, these ear mites are more often found in kittens.

Ear infections both within and outside the ear

In addition to allergies and ear mites, another cause of cat keeps scratching ears and shaking its head is infection. The cause of this infection is bacteria and yeast; even the infection can spread inside and outside the ear. When the condition is worse, it will be very dangerous for the cats. It is better if you immediately take them to the vet if there are signs of infection in cat’s ear.

Those are some causes of itchy cat’s ears. By knowing the causes, you can take the right treatment. It would be even better if you take the cats straight to the vet to get immediate treatment to stop the cat keeps scratching ears.

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