What to Understand about the Hairless Cat Adoption

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Hairless cat adoption

Hairless cat adoption is done everywhere. Most people love cats because they are so fluffy, with the furs all over its body. However, many cat lovers love hairless cats instead. The lack of hair on the body makes the physical appearance very unique. If you love cats too with no hair, here are several things you need to understand about them before decided to adopt.


  • The Diet of Hairless Cats
    Hairless cat has to be fed with something healthy. Healthy eating is extremely important for hairless cats because basically their metabolism system is very fast. They do not have hair and they need to stay warm that is why everything in their system, especially the metabolism system, works rapidly. To keep up with this, hairless cats have to be fed with nutritious cat foods and lots of fresh water.


  • The Sensitivity of Hairless Cats
    Before you do the hairless cat adoption, please understand the sensitivity of the cats. Being hairless means these cats with no hair on them have quite a lot of sensitivities. The biggest one is toward temperatures. Hairless cats are prone to both the sunburn and cold weather. They do not have the coat of fur to protect their body from scorching sunlight and freezing weather. That is why hairless cats need protective clothing, such as sweaters in winter and shade in summer. Because of this sensitivity to temperature, hairless cats are mostly considered as indoor cats.


  • The Grooming of Hairless Cats
    Even though hairless cats do not have hairs, almost at all, it does not mean they do not need any grooming. In facts, hairless cats need to be groomed and bathed more often compared to cats with furs. The lack of hair makes the body produces more natural oil to protect the skin. If the oil is not cleaned regularly, they will stick in the body and become dirty buildups, which can cause skin irritation eventually. This is why hairless cats for free is actually not free, considering its upkeep and aftercare.

Keeping a hairless cat at home as a pet is not something you can take for granted. Basically, they are all very special, beyond the physical appearance. If you are sure to keep a cat with no hair at home, you need to be committed to your decision. Just spare your time to take a good care of the hairless cat right after you decide to participate in hairless cat adoption.

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