Interesting Facts about Blue Silkie Chicken that You Might Not Know

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Interesting Facts about Blue Silkie Chicken that You Might Not Know

Blue Silkie chicken is probably one of the most prominent kinds of chicken in the world. This chicken is well-known for its glorious appearance. Its body is full of fluffy, soft hair that makes it looks really majestic. Blue Silkie is considered as a backyard chicken or even pet chicken sometimes. It means that 99% of the time, they are kept as companion or pet. They do not get killed and butchered for its meat. There are many interesting facts about this chicken. Some of them are listed down below.


  1. They are Dark Right to the Bones
    The Blue Silkie is well known for its unusual colors, starting from the furs to the bones. Yes, if other kinds of chicken have brown fur, white flesh, and white bones, Blue Silkie is nothing like them. Every part of the chicken is basically in the color of bluish black, including the skin, the flesh, and the bones. How can this be? Basically, this kind of chicken has a sort of unique pigmentation. It makes everything in them looks darker.
  2. They Have Five Toes
    Most chickens, and almost the entire species of bird, have four toes on their feet. If you look at the feet of the Blue Silkie chicken, you won’t find four toes. Instead, you will find five of them. Indeed, this kind of chicken is very special because their toes are in the same number as human’s. The fifth toe grows on the far back of the feet. It works very well to help the chicken dig and walk.
  3. They Hate Cold Weather
    Even though Silkie Chicken is full of furry hair, it does not mean that they are warm all the time. In fact, the fluffiness of the chicken makes them very prone to cold. Their feathers are very soft, it does not act very well as insulator. That is why the chicken cannot retain lots of body heat. During cold weather, they love finding warm spots around their area and stand still there to warm them. That is why if you want to find Silkie chicken for sale, make sure you live in mostly-warm area.

It is now quite clear that this kind of chicken is indeed very unique. That is why a lot of people want to keep them at home as pet. Keeping chicken as pet at home needs a bit of effort, especially on the cleaning up. However, if you are ready, keeping Blue Silkie chicken is very satisfying at the end.

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