To Know the Cause Why Cat Vomiting Clear Liquid

To Know the Cause Why Cat Vomiting Clear Liquid

Cat owners often experience the case of cat vomiting clear liquid. Why such thing happen? How to you deal with it? Vomiting is normal in pets like cat and dog due to the metabolism system. The problem appears when this situation is more than twice a week. Vomiting clear liquid is also a sign of digestive issue because there is something wrong inside cat’s stomach. In order to overcome this situation, you should check the causes then go to veterinarian immediately.

Vomiting happens because of several causes. Before exploring them one by one, you need to ensure than liquid is completely clear without foam. Such liquid is usually gastric acid that passes to cat mouth. Besides, the liquid might be lighter due to more water. Keep in mind that vomiting from water due to excess drink is different from stomach problem.


  1. Hairball
    The most common factor in cat vomiting clear liquid is hairball. It happens because small amount of fur gets to digestive tract. Body defense system will recognize as foreign object, which need to be extinguish. Before reach gastric, digestive tract exhaust liquid that make cat uncomfortable, even nausea. Therefore, cat vomits hairball that you might not see and clear liquid as digestive acid. As owner, you should do grooming regularly to keep fur in check.
  2. Indigestion, eating, and food
    Clear liquid might appear alongside tiny food. This situation occurs when the cat has digestive problem. Before going to the vet, make sure your cat has enough food. Eating quickly is also the reason why digestive system cannot support the excess food. However, you have to put much concern when vomiting contains foo frequently, not just after feeding.
  3. Parasites, foreign objects, and poison
    Actually, hairball is a type of foreign object that causes vomiting. For this list, the object has definition as unknown and small thing that cat has in digestive tract. It is serious situation because objects might be slid which cannot dissolve with liquid. Poison is another reason why the cat vomits. Several foods are not suitable for cat due to poisoning ingredients. However, toxic is everywhere as the cats explore their surroundings. During playing session, you might not know what cats chew or exposure. In this case, you face the situation of cat vomiting clear liquid not eating.


Some objects such as foods and hairball are not dangerous because vomiting is a part of process to get rid of them. On contrary, the excess vomiting is a sign there is serious compound that makes digestive tract or gastric produces more liquid. That’s what you should put much attention related to cat vomiting clear liquid.

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