Best Dog Feeding Bowls Slow Eating That Are Made of Plastic

Best Dog Feeding Bowls Slow Eating That Are Made of Plastic

While everyone is concerning about the dog bowl material, there are some dog parents that are still fond of the plastic dog bowl. The reason is simple; it is cheaper and the design is precious, especially if it is dog feeding bowls slow eating. You cannot find the perfect barrier design except the plastic dog bowl. Besides, most of them come in wide range of color so you can collect some more at home!

Anyway, plastic is not always bad. You can find the one with a food-approved label to minimize the risk of contamination of the chemical. Here is one of the best plastic dog feeding bowls slow eating that you will be thankful to find them here.

Plastic Dog Feeding Bowls Slow Eating

1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder
Outward Hound Fun FeederIt still brings the simple design yet a clever bowl to help your pup eat slowly. It comes in three different patterns and two sizes which allow your dog to eat with the challenge every day.The price is somewhat very cheap starting around $8.07 up to $11.99.

Today, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder has reached 1 million sold proving this stuff as the dream dog bowl among pet owners. As the barriers are designed well, this is claimed can prevent bloat and obesity well. This significantly can hold up to two cups and dishwasher safe.

Apart from the strength offered, this bowl is easily slipped. When you have a super aggressive dog, this brand can’t help you that much. Additionally, due to the plastic material, it is prone to be chewed and your pup might be hesitant to eat it.

2. PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder
PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle FeederFor larger breeds that eat the food fast, this is a perfect pet dish to slow down the eating speed which is great for daily feeding. It is not that much challenging like another product we have mentioned, but it required enough patient to eat the food until the bowl is empty.

The bowl is easy to clean and can hold four cups of food. You can place it in the dishwasher if you are just too lazy to do your daily job of washing the dish.

Somehow, the bowl is like a toy which sometimes your dog will chase it that must leave kibble. As it is made of plastic, you have to deal with the prone of being chewed and the pup will figure out how to get the top off so it can easily eat it.

3. Northmate Green Interactive Feeder
Northmate Green Interactive FeederDo you have a super aggressive dog that loves playing? This interactive dog bowl probably can meet your need. The challenging surface significantly can slow down eating speed.

It features the rubber feet preventing the bowl to slip and can hold in large capacity. You can wash it using the dishwasher as well.

Somehow, be careful with the dog as it dives the bowl deeply. Some consumers find the dogs got hurt due to this case. With the tall barriers, this is not appropriate to all kind of dog sizes.

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