Is Looking for the Best Dog Bowls That Slow Down Eating? Check These Requirments!

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Best Dog Bowls That Slow Down Eating

The major problem faced by most pet owners is having the greedy pet, especially it happens to a dog. The problem doesn’t stop on the mess on the floor, but also the health problem that can cause your furry friend to creepy death. Yap! Bloat is often related to fast eating which makes the food, water and gasses are trapped in the stomach. If your dog cannot vomit the food, the pain is real and put it in a danger, even a death. Therefore, you should train the pup to eat slower right now before something bad happens, like buying the dog bowls that slow down eating. This is proven to be good to fix the problem!

What Is the Best Type of Dog Bowls that Slow Down Eating?


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Like other bowls, choosing the right dog bowls that slow down eating is crucial. Firstly, you can begin with several requirements below:

1. Material
The material always matters for pet parents for the sake of dog’s health. If provide a low budget plan for the pet dish, you might end up with excessive money since your dog might chew the bowl, so it is broken easily. In fact, most cheaper dog bowls are made of plastic which is prone to be chewed. It lasts shorter than you expected. Even though the design is always interesting, at the end you get disappointed due to its durability.

Hence, the most suggested dog bowls are from stainless steel and ceramic. The stainless steel is considered as the most durable for the sloppy eater. The only problem that you might find is the weight which most stainless steel dog bowls that slow down eating often lightweight. Somehow, your dog can be so frustrated with the barrier, so it tends to flip over the bowl to reach the food easier. Minor problems found are smells. Some dogs don’t like the smell and they might feel stressful for the very first time they are introduced to the bowl.

Meanwhile, the ceramic dog bowls have the most impressive design. It comes with a huge variety of color and models, so it is no wonder if most pet parents love it very much. Most ceramic dog bowls that slow down eating comes in heavy duty features. Hence, this is a benefit if the dog is super aggressive which they are difficult to flip over the bowl.

2. Anti-Tip Feature
Even though most dog bowls that slow down eating is designed with proper weight, somehow the dogs are too strong and sloppy. They often push, tip over it and chew it. Or at least your furry friend will move it that causes a mess around the floor. The anti-tip will minimize the risk.

3. The Barrier Design
Challenging dog bowls that can slow down eating is good! It is fun for a super aggressive dog that loves playing. Somehow, this doesn’t work for others. The difficult obstacles inside the bowl also often cause to frustration which leads it to flip over the bowl instead. This is awful. That’s why you need to understand the characteristic of your pup. If your pup love challenge, well, the bowl with complicated barrier design is the perfect item. But when your dog is not fond of that kind of game, the simple barrier is much better than spending much money for nothing.

So, are you wishing to buy a new dog bowl now? Share yours though about the products in the comment section below!

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