3 Best Heated Water Bowl For Dogs You Will Love

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3 Best Heated Water Bowl For Dogs You Will Love

“Winter is Coming”. That is the popular quote from the huge drama Game of Thrones which means a war from the North begins. Well, we are not going to talk about the movie right now, we will talk about the real winter that will ruin your dog’s meal time. Yes, at this time, you literally need the heated water bowl for dogs to solve the problems.

It is crucial for you who live with four seasons which the winter will require you the heated water bowl for dogs to keep the water warm and doesn’t freeze. Eventhough naturally your pet has a skill to drink the ice, but why don’t we make it happy instead? Especially if you have breeds that love spend times outdoor. So,here are the best brands that might get your attention.

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Best Heated Water Bowl for Dogs

1. Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl
Allied Plastic Heated Pet BowlMost of you might not like the model for the basic round shape. However, this can hold 5 quarts capacity which can last for a couple of days so you don’t need to refill the water too often. It is completed with thermostat control which keeps thewater from freezing in icy days. You can also disconect the cord once you don’t need it anymore. Itis dishwasher safe as well.

Among all the greatfeatures, some troubles are found by customers. The bowl is said to make the water vaporize faster which requires you to fill it oftenly. As the heat is too hot, this melts the plastic and even some customers are not happy with thelife span. Of course if you concern about the material, plastic is not your choice as your dog eat and drink with stainless seel bowls or ceramic bowls.

2. Farm Innovators 1-Quart Heated Bowl
Farm Innovators 1-Quart Heated BowlThe procudt might not as big as other competitors, but we put it on the list because of its sturdiness. The bowl features anti-tip assembly with anti-chew cord protector. As it is equipped with thermostatically feature, the bowl will turn on automatically when the temperature is below freezing which allow it to spend low power consumption.

Many consumers love this stuff for its simple usage that can save many animals in the world during the coldest season.

Apart from the good things, there are some  issues found by users. Some of them reviewed thet bowl heater element doesn’t last longer. As it is too warm, they need to refill the water too often as the water evaporate quickly.

3. Farm Innovators 1-1/4-Gallon Heated Water Bowl
farm Innovators 1-1 4-Gallon Heated Water BowlThe design isirregular with the square shape to make it harder to tip. This will be more stable and let you be less worry about spills. The bowl can hold around 5 quarts or 1.25 gallons with 60 watts of consumption. The heater is durable with anti-chew cord. You even can use it as the  food bowl.

Some consumers reviewed the heating element last shorter than expected and it is cheaply made with plastic material. Besides, as the bowl is too hot, somehow reviwers found the plastic is melt due to this case.

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