Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls.

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls ~ How to Ensure You Are on the Right Seller?

Personalized stainless steel dog bowls are very popular among pet parents since they are likely difficult to find the perfect models of a dog bowl, especially the stainless steel material. The personalized dog bowls service will allow you to decorate your dog bowl as you wish with some types of material you like. Mostly it comes in ceramic or stainless steel material.

Anyway, there is, of course, a trouble to find out the professional service. You probably need to pay attention to some tips below:

1. Ask What Materials Are Offered

This is the basic knowledge you firstly need to know. Some pet owners have no problem with plastic, silicone, stainless steel or ceramic materials. They have no problem due to the dog has no issue with the bowl. That’s why you have to understand your pup’s characteristic. Is it ok to eat with a plastic bowl or the stainless steel material? Somehow, some dogs don’t really like the metal odor from a stainless dog bowl. This will be a trouble if your furry friend is mad at you and don’t want to continue eating the food anymore. Or, the worst case happened is the pup will flip over the bowl just to avoid the smell.

2. Know Well the Size

You are buying through online! So make sure you know every detail of the bowl, including the dimension. We have visited large marketplaces and most customers often complain about the misleading size. Again and again, you are not so sure about the size that compatible with the dog. It is indeed the seller gives you the real dimension, somehow your dog is a different size. A small bowl doesn’t always fit the little pup for the growing Golden Retriever. You need to consult with the seller. Telling the dog’s weight helps you so much!

3. Check the Customer Review

There are many advantages you would get by reading the customers review. You know some tips dealing with the bowl’s problem, and also you can check the quality of the personalized stainless steel dog bowl and so on. Check the seller in the marketplace you find so you can figure out how good the service is. This also prevents you from scamming.

4. Warranty?

Some sellers provide warranty when their customer have the bowl bricked during the delivery. This is beneficial for customers whether they get the bowl cracked or the coating is broken as they received the product at home. If the seller offers return due to this case, you can put it on your shopping list. Just don’t get fooled when you receive the wrong product. This is their responsibility for the faulty.

5. Estimation of Receiving the Bowl

Due to the custom bowl need long process, it is better to check it first. How long it takes for a personalized stainless steel dog bowl? Estimate it including with the delivery process. Some professional sellers that offer custom bowl will provide faster delivery than you think. However, at the end, it depends on the difficulty of the bowl design.

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