Dog Bowl Fast Eater and Another Excellent Tips to Slow Down the Eating Speed

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dog bowl fast eater

The dog bowl fast eater today becomes the first priority to put on the shopping list. It is normal for many homeowners that put too many worries of the eating speed of the dog. And yes! This bowl can help prevent some bad things occurred due to this habit.

Why Choosing the Dog Bowl Fast Eater?

Typically, when the dogs live together, they tend to scramble the food. This behavior is still brought even though they get the new home and live alone. Your dog still eats greedily due to competition.

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Eating fast can leave health problems which can lead to death. Several bad things will also occur including:

1. Overeating
It takes several minutes for the brain to communicate with the stomach that your dog has received enough food. If the dog eats too fast, it is no wonder if the communication becomes awry as the dog eats greedily.

2. Indigestion
Just like us, the dog also can suffer from indigestion that leads to perticular problems including bloating, reflux and so on. Instead of getting good nutrients, the dog swallows more air while eating. It forgets to chew and taste the food well.

How to Slow Down the Greedy Hound?

1. Feed More Often
You can divide the food into small portion and feed it more often. If your dogs usually eat 2 cups once at an eating time, you can divide it into 1 cup four times a day to decrease the amount of food they gulp.

2. Change the Bowl
The next step to stop the eating habit is by changing the bowl. You can buy the dog bowl fast eater that contain a maze to slow down the eating habit. You can put a soup can or large rocks in the bowl to challenge them. It is done to make sure your dog will not gobble the food all at once.

Besides, the material of the dog bowl fast eater should be safe. Opt for the heavy duty stainless steel to prevent the food get contaminated by the chemicals. Or, for another option, you can buy the ceramic dog bowl that mostly comes in more interesting design. Both materials are good as your dog probably will chew the bowl or flip it over due to the difficulties to reach the food easily. However, choose the easy barrier rather than the one with a complicated design. This, in fact, can lose their appetite.

3. Train Your Dog

Besides buying the slow feed bowls for dogs, you can train it by giving the food with hands and slowly put it in the bowl. By this way, it will make the pup understand when someone walking to reach the bowl, it knows that its food will still safe and will not get stolen.

Additionally, scheduling the eating time will be the best way to behave them eat as they are just hungry. Dogs are greedy and we should stop this to avoid obesity and disease problem like we have mentioned before.

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