Another Way to Train the Dog Eating Habit Besides Using Fast Eater Dog Bowl

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fast eater dog bowl

Our worries are not only about the terrible mess caused by the greedy eater, but also the health problem that possibly attacks your dog.

You must see your furry friend suffer from bloating or choking several times. Even the worst condition would happen including Gastric Dilation and death. Your dog can die only within hours if you don’t take some awareness of this habit. It totally leads to danger.

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There are many ways to train your dog including using fast eater dog bowl. This is a popular option to stop your pup eating greedily. Other ways can be check as follow:

Another Way to Train the Dog Eating Habit Besides Using Fast Eater Dog Bowl

1. Treat Dispenser
It is a playful toy you can introduce before eating. This is not a chewable toy so you have to supervise your pet during the play. The best part of the treat dispenser is you can insert some dry food inside the toy and let the dog play and find the food. It is fun and it will train your pet to concern on how to make the food goes out.

The Kong Wobbler is the best item you can purchase. It stimulates the pet to eat slowly with unpredictable movements. The good things you can take is this is suitable for the dog with obesity. It works best to lose unwanted pounds yet keep it eating at the same time.

2. Cup Cake Fan
If you don’t have the fast eater dog bowl, try the cup cake fan. Placing the bowl over the food will add extra fun. THis is excellent and cheap. Keep in mind to use the softballs only and make sure it is made of high-quality material.

3. Correct Feeding Technique
It seems rude and means at glance. If you put the food in the container that trouble it to reach it in one gulp, this will work to slow down the eating speed. However, this is proven working good to the greedy eater.

Another way to try is dividing the eating time and make it into small portions. Feed your dog with your hand and put it inside the bowl to make it understand that no one will steal the food. For your information, one of the reasons why dogs eat greedily is because of competition and afraid of someone or another animal take its food. By this way, your pup will understand and eat the food in peace.

4. Serve the Pup with Cookies
When your pups eat with regular food, try to move to cookies. It is said working effectively to slow down the eating speed. As your dog eat the cookies, it needs to chew the food until it is comfortable enough to swallow. So, your pup will not gulp the pup anymore.

Well, after all, training your dog cannot be done instantly, you have to be patient and consistent so your pup can eat in peace. Hope the tips above help you to train your pup.

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