Continuous Dog Water Bowl – 3 Reviews of the Most Recommended Fountains!

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continuous dog water bowl

If you are a busy pet parent, surely you need this kind of continuous dog water bowl for ensuring your pet water needed is always fulfilled. We just straight to the point for recommending this such a thing for you because in any case, so many people ignored it.

One of the famous continuous water bowls is fountain type. The flowing water from the fountain is claimed to be healthier than the non-flowing water bowl. That flowing or moving water create a hostile environment for the harmful bacteria. This principle can encourage your pet’s drinking habits increasing as well.

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In fact, pets drink more moving water. Why did it say so?

From its habitat, dogs are getting used to drinking the moving water or the flowing one naturally. Although they also drink well from the bowl,  the pet fountain still keeps the water to be clean with its filters and charcoal. It helps a lot in decreasing your pet’s kidney work in flushing out the toxin so they can improve their health better.

Then, check at a glance of our continuous dog water bowl reviews to help you consider yours.

  1. Drinkwell Multi-Tier
    Drinkwell Multi-Tier
    Has a quite big capacity yet a low-voltage submersible pumps make it famous among other continuous dog water bowl.

Other benefits you may get :

  • The 100 oz capacity with two stairs design is very helpful if you have more than one pet at the home.
  • The charcoal filter can be replaced whenever you want.
  • The design which is featuring pretty free falling stream doesn’t disturb your room arrangement. They are ready to be put everywhere.
  • They are also very easy to clean with the dishwasher (except the filter).

The cost to keep in mind :

  • You should change the filter regularly if used often.
  • It doesn’t suitable for outdoor usage
  • They will be a little bit noisy when filling the bottom tier.
  1. 360 stainless steel pet fountain – Drinkwell
    360 stainless steel pet fountain
    Another fancy continuous dog water bowl from Drinkwell brand. The price is about $64.95 and most of the people just can say “what an arm and a leg, dude!”. But, some says, give pricy get quality, right?

Here are the benefits you may get :

  • It can hold 128 oz capacity of the water which is suitable for all size dog.
  • They have 5 streams that you can choose depending on how many your pats are.
  • The stainless material supports the hygienist very well.
  • The pump machine is already designed to work in a relatively quiet operation.
  • The filters are good for 2-4 week operation.
  • Its system provides the oxygenated and filtered water for your pet.

The cost to keep in mind :

  • The large dogs in a bit difficult position while drink in this fountain.
  • Some testimony said it doesn’t quiet as advertised.
  1. Pioneer Raindrop 6022 Ceramic
    Pioneer Raindrop 6022 Ceramic
    The most stylish continuous dog water bowl available on the market. The material and the design help a lot in complementing your interior decor.

The benefits :

  • Ceramic material inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Safe and low energy consumption with a long convenient power cord.
  • Can hold 60 oz capacity without any batteries required.

The costs :

  • Suitable for indoor only.
  • The pump makes some noise when the water lever is low.
  • Need to be handled carefully.

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