Should I buy the Spill proof water bowl for dogs?

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20. Spill proof water bowl for dogs

Some species of dogs are somehow messy drinkers and mostly leave puddles everywhere after drinking. This is truly uncomfortable to walk on and whether it will cause you fall over the floor. To prevent such bad accident, many people will recommend you to have a spill proof water bowl for dogs. No harm to try, at least for keeping the safety of you and your home. Then, your pet is going to be happy as well.

Before going further to discuss that kind of water bowl for dogs, here are some tips to deal with the messy water drinkers :

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  1. Have an indoor or outdoor mat

This way is quite simple for sure. You can get the mat at any hardware store or at the pet shop easily. Then put the mat under your dog’s bowl. So when they make a mess, their food or their water will land safely on that mats indeed.

  1. Elevate your dog bowl holder

The elevated bowl, in any case, is effective to keep them away from getting the rush while they’re eating or drinking. Even they need to put more effort, this situation perfectly prevents bloat especially for the large breed dogs.

Another solution is having a spill proof water bowl for dogs. It provides the pet to slow them down while drinking. In case, when they are gulping water too fast, it can cause them to hiccup.

  1. Make a water schedule for them

Give them the fresh water on a specific time only. Actually, they can make a mess while they were drinking. But at least, on that time you already know that the spill will come, then you can clean it up immediately. The best time is after playing.

  1. Reuse the old towels

Last, a conventional way where every dog owner has been doing this. Put the old towel near their bowl. Grab it soon when you realize that they are drinking. Wait until they finish all their food and water, then wipe their mouth and chin down directly. Also, clean the mess they have made. We call this way as “Damage Control”.

You may think that those ways are taking so much time and effort. But, have a spill proof water bowl for dogs provides a helpful solution and effective as well. If you think so, here is a review of that kind of dog water bowl brand:


  • It is made from a piece of plastic that lays under the dog bowl. So even they made any mess it will not make the floor dirty.
  • They are available in multiple color and sizes where not every spill proof water bowl for dogs provide this much.
  • They were made by safe material, non-toxic and BPA free.
  • The edge raised so it can prevent splashing or overflow.
  • They also have the skied feed to prevent from slipping and sliding.
  • This spill proof water bowl for dogs is not only great for the sloppy drinker yet the sloppy eater as well.

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