Why Do You Have to Choose an Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

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26. elevated slow feeder dog bowl

An elevated slow feeder dog bowl is a bowl which is used to prevent your dog to eat so fast. The slow feeder dog bowl will inhibit your lovely pet to gulp all of the feed. This thing will also useful to maintain your dog’s health.

A regular dog bowl which is placed on the floor will provide certain difficult for your dog to eat. They have to gulp the feeds all the way. That’s the worst way to enjoy the feed for your dogs. Conversely, the elevated feeder will enhance your pet’s experience in eating. They can enjoy their lunch time instead of gulping the feed immediately. Here are reasons why you have to choose elevated feeder dog bowl.

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Reason Why You Have to Choose Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl


1. Recommended for geriatric dogs
Large dog breeds are recommended to utilize the elevated feeder. Certain medical situation becomes the main reason why they have to apply the elevated slow feeder dog bowl. It mostly reduces the bloat for the larger breed dogs.

2. Providing ease of access for your dogs
Your dogs will have ease of access to its drink and feed. It will facilitate the movement of the food and drinks from the mouth to the stomach smoothly. Moreover, it will reduce the strain on your dog’s neck, hip, and shoulders, and joints. It enhances the dog’s posture which is an important aspect for the advanced age dog growth.

3. Cleaner Environment
Applying the elevated feeder dog bowl maintains a clean level of the feeding area. Instead of placing the feed bowl on the floor which makes the floor dirtier, the elevated feeding bowl will diminish the chance of spilled feed on the floor.

4. Diminish sloppy behavior
Several dogs found joy splashing water out of their bowl. Utilizing the elevated slow feeder dog bowl will prevent your dog to splash out the water inside its bowl. Consequently, their sloppy behavior could be minimized by using elevated feed dog bowl.

5. Easier for yourself
Raised feeder dog bowl will make provide you with ease of access to. You don’t have to bend down when filling the feed inside your dog’s bowl. This will effectively vanish unnecessary strain for your back and body.

6. Easier for puppy
The raised dog bowl also provides easiness for your pup. They will enjoy the feeding time instead of chasing their feed. Most pets that use a regular dog bowl play with their feed instead of eating. This will promote a cleaner environment of your pup feeding area.

7. Not Sliding
Elevated dog bowl will not slide across the floor. The sliding dog bowl will make your dog difficult to eat its feed. It will also make your dog difficult to drink its drink. Several elevated feeder dog bowl is already equipped with rubber that will enhance the grip on the bowl and prevent it from sliding.

That’s all about elevated slow feeder dog bowl’s benefits. You may consider that aspect in order to provide a better situation for your dog and cleaner room. Dare to try the raised feeder dog bowl now?

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