Heated Dog Water Bowls to Fight the Winter!

heated dog water bowls

When the weather turns colder, the high possibility that happens outdoor is your pet’s bowl will freeze throughout the day. Even though your dog can eat it, but some of them won’t and this is riskier to put the pets in teeth. Fortunately, there are many heated dog water bowls that you can choose outside. It comes with the electric or solar-power system making the bowl stay warm during the winter so the water will not freeze.

However, you are limited to choose an excellent design of heated dog water bowls. It includes the material which could be a bad luck for you if your dog uses to eat with sturdier material. Dogs have a tendency to chew the bowl which means it will be very dangerous as it chews the cord. For making short, here we give you the best of heated dog water bowls list.

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1. Farm Innovators Model SB-40 3-Quart

Farm Innovators Model SB-40 3-Quart

This 3-quart pet bowl can be used as you need it. It prevents water from freezing during the winter. Besides, the bowl is supported with non-skid rubber bottom so you can make sure that the dog will not flip over the bowl and spill the water. The bowl is designed as heavy-duty stuff with the anti-chew feature. It has the 40-watt capacity.

The stainless steel is not removable, so it will be very difficult to clean the bowl. The three feet long of cord seems to be a trouble for you unless you buy an extension cord.

2. K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl, 0.75 Gallons

K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl, 0.75 Gallons

Another heated dog bowl option you can pick is from K&H. This can provide your pet water during the cold temperatures by just plug in the cord and let the bowl prevent freezing. This can work on zero temperatures with low energy consumption. The cord is warped well and thermostatically controlled.

The most top part of the water is frozen but the bottom one is still liquid. It is better not to fill it full. 1/3 part of the bowl is suggested to be the most comfortable to get the water unfrozen at the morning, according to the reviewers.

3. Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 5-Quart

Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 5-Quart

The Allied holds up to 1.25 gallons and thermostatically controlled. Besides, the company makes sure to allow the users to remove the heating element after used so they can use it throughout the year. The cord is claimed secured and coiled so this should be more durable since the dog cannot chew it.

If you are the one who concerns about the dishwasher material, this is made of plastic which might make you think twice to buy it.

We assume that it is difficult to find the perfect heated dog water bowls. Some of you might have trouble on the cord that is possibly attacked by your furry friends. Besides, some of you might get the bowl doesn’t work and the water still freezing in the morning. Hence, make sure the temperature limit. Some bowls will freeze under zero temperature.

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