Anti-Seizure Meds for Dogs: 4 Typical Medications Your Vet May Prescribe

Anti-Seizure Meds for Dogs

There are many anti seizure meds for dogs which can be offered to your dog if it is experiencing seizure. But we don’t recommend you determine what kind of medication your dog need—leave it for the vet to adjust it to your dog.

So far, this anti-convulsant mentioned below is often prescribed as anti seizure meds for dogs. Your dog’s vet may prescribe one of these if your dog is experiencing seizure that seems to need a medication treatment upon a visit.


This drug is commonly known as a drug that is mainly used to suppress seizure in canine fellows. This drug is also the first medication that generally is prescribed for first-time seizure patients. Reports mentioned that this drug has successfully reduced 50% frequency of seizures in 80% patients, so it is quite effective.

Despite its effectiveness, it is mandatory to have a regular visit to your vet. The anti-convulsant your dog is consuming needs its level to be under control so that it won’t cause any further effect on other organs, especially its liver.

So, you should not be surprised that the dosage of phenobarbital may change as your dog receives this kind of treatment. You should also note if there are uncommon side effects. In common, phenobarbital administration may lead to sedation and increased thirst and appetite.


Potassium bromide

Another option for anti-seizure for dogs is potassium bromide. The effectiveness is slightly lower than phenobarbital, which is to reduce seizures by 50% in 70% of patients. But it can effectively stop seizures by 52% after this medication administration.

Just like phenobarbital, this medication requires further monitoring due to its side effects which may lead to pancreatitis. Besides, this medication also takes time to reach its stable therapeutic level.

Sedation is reported to be the most frequent first-time side effects that your dog will face. But after several days of administration, your dog’s system will get used to it—hence the side effects will decrease over time.


Per rectal diazepam

If you are OK with putting rectal medication for your dog, then this medication can be the right treatment for your dog which suffered from cluster seizures. Cluster seizure is defined as seizures happened twice or more within 24 hours. This medication can be administered three times in maximum per 24 hours.



This one can be administered by your dog’s vet if the seizure is pretty difficult to control. Compared to other drugs, this medication has lower side effects. Yet still, it is used not as the first-line therapy. Oftentimes, this drug is offered in tandem with other medications.

So, those are the medications which may be prescribed by your vet. Please remind that the information above is just for your information—what anti seizure meds for dogs to prescribe is your vet’s job to discover.

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