How to Get Your Dog to Poop When Constipated with Six Remedies

How to Get Your Dog to Poop When Constipated with Six Remedies

Knowing how to get your dog to poop when constipated is a knowledge that can come handy for pet owners when the situation required them to. Constipation is a health condition where the dogs cannot release stool as they normally do. Even if they do, they may strain and produce rock-hard stool that’s very likely to be painful. This is a condition that may happen more than once to your dog and it may be caused by various causes.

Regardless, it is crucial to determine the gravity of the situation in order to decide the next step you should take. If you want to use some remedy methods to relieve your fur friend’s pain when they experiencing constipation, here are some remedies on how to make your dog poop if constipated:

Pumpkin puree

Providing high amount of moisture and fiber, puree will help to control the pet’s digestive track. It is best to go with 100% pumpkin puree and avoid pie filing. The puree can be given to the dog from the can as a healthy treat.


Canned food

The next tip on how to get your dog to poop when constipated is by feeding them canned food with high content of moisture and soft texture. This helps to produce softer tool. However, remember to blend the canned food with the regular food your dog eat to prevent them getting sore stomach.


Fiber supplements

To regulate bowel movements and soften the stool, try to administer fiber supplements. You may want to consult with the vet first, what dosage or types recommended for your dog.


Fresh water

Ensure that your canine companion is hydrated. Encourage your pet to drink ample amount of water and if they refuse, it’d be wise to bring them to the vet.


Laxative (Stool softener)

If a dog has a problem with its bowel movement, then a vet typically would recommend stool softener or laxative. Stool softener in only one laxative type, so your personal vet may have slightly different opinion about what laxative should be used.



Enema is a fluid injection administered through the dog’s rectum that’s usually given to constipated dog by a vet. This procedure shouldn’t be performed just by anyone, as it can cause injury or potentially expose the dog to toxicity.

While constipation is usually considered as normal, albeit a little bit uncomfortable condition, note that it can sometimes serves as a symptoms of a more serious issue. If your dog bowel’s movement respond to none of the methods on how to get your dog to poop when constipated above, it may require more intensive care from the veterinarian.

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