Why Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor Matters to Your Guinea Pig?

extra large guinea pig cages indoor

If you are in need of extra large guinea pig cages indoor but have no idea how large they should be, you have definitely come to the right place. But why size matter? Guinea pigs are rodents with large size body that is usually kept by people as pets. However, the standard cage for these rodents is only slightly spacious than that for far smaller families, such as gerbils and hamsters.

While cages for small pets often take up vertical areas to maximize the pets’ living space so that they have ample room for digging, burrowing, and climbing, guinea pigs mostly rely on a cage with an adequate floor area. Adding platforms and ramps are indeed recommended, but these large size rodents require ample space to perform daily exercise. So, how big should an indoor guinea pig cage be? Below are the guidelines to decide the ideal space for guinea pigs:

  • One guinea pig requires a cage with at least 8 square feet. But it’s also recommended to make it larger with dimensions of 30 inches x 36 inches.
  • Two guinea pigs require a cage of the same size as above. But extra large guinea pig cages indoor for two rodents with the dimensions of 30 inches x 50 inches are highly recommended to give them ample space.
  • Three or four guinea pigs require at least 10 square feet of cage. To give them enough space, consider using a 13 square feet cage.

Spacious cages provide you and your guinea pigs with several advantages, such as:

  • Larger cages are one of the basic enrichment forms you can give to your pigs. Guinea pigs are pets that are able to live up to seven years and without having sufficient encouragement, they may become bored and it will lead to depression. Providing adequate space for your pigs to exercise also means that your pets are less vulnerable to some health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and bumblefoot.
  • Larger spaces also help you to easily clean them because they help prevent waste from building up and enable your pets to separate the toilet from other areas. If you have more than one guinea pig, having a roomier cage helps increase the probability that all your pets can live together peacefully. It’s because guinea pigs are one of the social pets, and they live best when they are placed together in extra large guinea pig cages indoor.

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