Knowing the Cat Weepy Eye Causes and Treatments

Knowing the Cat Weepy Eye Causes and Treatments

As a pet’s parent, you may see cat weepy eye on your lovely cat. In fact, cat’s eyes should be bright and clear. However, if these look gooey, they might rub their face against the rug or sofa, or they may blink excessively. Do not ignore this condition, and you should contact your vet immediately since this condition can be a sign of any serious health problem, especially if the sticky discharge comes out from the cats’ eyes.


The causes and symptoms

As mentioned before, healthy cats’ eyes should be clear and bright. If not, then you should worry there is something wrong with them. The cat weepy eye happens because of many reasons (from any usual causes to any serious illnesses), such as eyelid problems, eyelash problems, eye or eyelid lumps, itchy skin, breed-related, eye infections, something stuck in the eyes, cat flu, blocked tear ducts, eye injuries, allergies, etc. If you find your cat has several symptoms, such as sneezing or coughing, cloudiness, or swelling/redness, you should go to a vet as soon as possible since it could get worse if your cat does not get treated immediately.


The treatments

Well, since there are so many causes of cat’s eye problems, you need to see medical assistance and make sure what is happening with your cats. Therefore, they can get the right treatment and medication immediately. Whenever you see any suspicious signs in your cat, or their eyes discharges do not get any better within 24 hours, just go to your vet soon as this condition could quickly become serious conditions.

Before your cats get any problems with their eyes, you can do some simple cat weepy eye home remedies. Be sure to check your cat’s eyes frequently, so if there is abnormal thing, you can do the treatment right away. Moreover, you will need to wipe their eyes twice daily using cotton pads. It will remove any crusty discharges or any tears. Then, dip the cotton pads in lukewarm water, so the crusts will be removed easily. Do not use any wipes that are not designed to be used for cats. In addition, you should always keep them well-groomed as this way can keep their fur away from their eyes. Not to forget, consider getting the routine vaccinations for your pets. This is the best way to minimize any diseases, including the cat weepy eye problem.

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