How to Use Dog Sedative for Grooming

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How to Use Dog Sedative for Grooming

Dog sedative for grooming can help you to calm your dog whenever you visit the groomer. Grooming time might be an exhausting time especially for dogs that are fear to go to the groomer. Giving them a sedative is one of some ways you can try. Yet, you need a doctor’s recipe to use this tranquilizer for calming the dogs. And keep in mind that it is only used as a last resort.

Sedatives to Use

A sedative you can try is acepromazine which is common to use both through injection or dogs taking it orally. The drug works by controlling dopamine receptors in the brain. The receptors’ job is to send signals and having a role in controlling emotional response and body movements. When the receptor is blocked, then it will weaken specific brain functions. Thus, it helps your dogs to be relaxed. The drugs also help to reduce anxiety, reduce a dog’s heart rate, and also blood pressure.

Yet, this drug brings several side effects like a paradoxical reaction. Instead of making your dog calm, it triggers your dog to be aggressive and hyperactive. Acepromazine might be effective for one dog but not for others and the duration of the effect cannot be calculated.

Another way for how to calm a dog for grooming is by giving your dog trazodone. This dog sedative for grooming can be used daily for treating anxiety from specific triggers like storms. Thus, trazodone can be taken on an as-needed basis. The schedule when taking this medicine is by starting it with a 5 mg dosage. You can also start from a low dosage and increase the dosage over time. The side effects of this drug are lethargy, sleepiness, fainting, as well as dizziness. If you want to use this drug, consult with the veterinarian to know the right dosage for your dog’s needs.

Things to Do Before Going to Groomer

Besides taking sedatives, you can train your dog to get used to grooming. Find a groomer that your dog and you are comfortable with, ask them whether they provide you with a training visit. This lets your dog adjust to the surrounding. Let them see the facilities, hear the hair dryers or the clippers, and even you can ask your dogs by standing on the grooming table.y

Massage is another thing you can do to make your dog is ready for grooming. Try to massage them from head to toe. Touch areas that will be cleaned like glands, paws, groin area, and ears. You also can give your dogs a blanket, treat, or anything that makes them comfortable. These are what you can do besides giving a dog sedative for grooming.

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