The Symptoms of Seizures in Pugs to Know

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Seizures in pugs 

Seizures in pugs happen when there is a temporary disturbance of normal brain function that is followed by uncontrollable muscle reaction. When seizures are repeated it can be called epilepsy. This condition cannot be predicted, it can occur in infrequent condition, or even in regular intervals.

Pug Dog Seizures

Pug comes from a wonderful dog family. Yet, this breed is sometimes associated with a rare neurological problem, called PDE or Pug Dog Encephalitis. It is interesting that this disease can only be found in pugs, and can end fatally. The disease happens because of the inflammation in the brain tissue, and normally affect adolescent pugs. Encephalitis is also idiomatic, which means that you haven’t found the exact cause of the disease.

Some veterinarians believe that this disease is immune-mediated and genetic. The dogs will have an abnormal immune response like the immune system attacks the normal tissue mistakenly. And for a pug, their immune system will attack the brain.

The Symptoms

The pug diseases mostly affect adolescent pugs and are in 1.2 of the world’s pug population. And female pugs are prone to this disease compared to male pugs. Some possible causes including genetics, toxic chemicals exposure, and also epilepsy. The main symptom of the disease is seizures. To see the cause, you need a further test. Or if you find out your dogs are having behavioral changes, you better check whether they are suffered from seizures in pugs or not.

Some symptoms that come up might be generic. You may find them life-threatening or easily treatable. Thus, without clinical tests, it’s hard to determine the specific identification related to the disease. Loss of muscle coordination and lethargy can lead to PDE problems in pugs. When having the symptoms, the dog will be aggressive and irritable. Once your dog is having seizures, they will run around the furniture, and other signs indicate they are with PDE.

Treatment for Pug Seizures

Your dog can recover without any specific treatment, or a sedative can be used to calm your pets are make them tremors and symptoms are milder. The veterinarian may also give steroid, and the treatment usually will last for a year. While using drugs or medication, to make it effective, make sure that you don’t get your dogs overexcited and stressed.

When you bring them to vets, follow your vet’s instructions and ensure your dogs are in a good condition. Prepare your dog’s water and food, and make sure they’re away from high places or stairs. These are what to do when finding seizures in pugs.

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