Gnat Repellent for Dogs with Highly Effective Result

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Gnat Repellent for Dogs with Highly Effective Result

You can use gnat repellent for dogs to get rid of the insect effectively. Just choose either chemical or natural remedies. Both will bring the same result, but some side effects must be considered. Unlike fleas, gnats do not lay their eggs on your pets. On contrary, they look for the suitable place with high humidity as their nesting area.

During summer, gnats and flies are the most common problem. Yes, they like the warm and humid weather. Gnats are quite similar to mosquitos, but they cannot move fast. They swarm around your face and back of the ears. For dogs, they will be around the head and some areas. You must clean the places with high humidity level. This is the basic preventive measure. More repellants will be listed at the following section.

Essential oil

Essential oils are the most common repellant for insects, including gnats and flies. As you know, the oil produces strong odor to distract and repel them easily. You may consider certain aroma, such as lavender, cinnamons, and lemon. For effective application, mix one of them with enough water. After that, spray in gnats’ area and your dog directly. Some oils might be too strong, so you can pick the one with less fragrance.


Apple cider vinegar

Another gnat repellent for dogs is apple cider vinegar with dish soap. This combination will get rid of gnats immediately. The compound contains natural remedy that makes gnats do not like to come closer. Moreover, it is also a good option for dogs due to safety conduct. You will not see any side effect, and this mixture can last longer.


Fly traps

You should include flytraps for reducing gnats. It comes in handy when your area has excessive gnats not just attacking dogs, but yourself. Place the trap in spots where gnats will gather. You can get them with this trap.


Vanilla extract

In addition, you should try vanilla extract as natural remedy for gnats on dogs. It is quite effective even better and safer if you know how to implement it properly. The extract will create strong fragrance which holds gnats. Moreover, your dogs will not feel anything when you spread it on their body.

Well, natural remedy does not have significant side effect. On the other hand, you may consider chemical ones. Some products are good as the gnat repellent for dogs.

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