Does Lysol Kill Fleas? Know the Fact First before Using It

Does Lysol Kill Fleas

You may ask about does Lysol kill fleas. The question needs comprehensive answer. People often think something that’s capable to clean and disinfect will be good for bug and pest. You may see Lysol as the compound that you can use when cleaning a house. Moreover, it is also used as disinfectant. For your information, disinfectant is necessary to clean the bacteria and pathogen from your place. The problem is whether this one is good for flea or not.

Lysol functions

You should start from knowing the Lysol first. As it mentioned above, it is mainly for disinfectant. You can mix it with water then spread it on certain spot. Furthermore, the compound is quite harsh, which can make skin irritation. You must wear the gloves and mask when spraying it directly.


Lysol and flea

Does Lysol kill fleas effectively? If you know where the flea infestation, Lysol can kill them easily. For example, you may take the cushion and spray it with this compound. After that, you have to clean and check again to ensure all fleas are gone. This is something you can do with the chair, sofa, and bed. From this point, the problem is solved, and you do not need to worry about flea anymore.


Using Lysol for pets

On the other side, flea is parasite that infects pets, such as dogs. It will take their blood and makes the pets feel uncomfortable. You may often see the dogs or cats scratching their body. That’s the sign of flea infestation. You may experience the same situation when sitting on the chair or sofa. However, the infection is rare on human because of lack of fur where the fleas can lay their eggs properly. If you use Lysol for pets, the answer is definitely NO. The compound is too harsh on the skin even for animals. You can touch Lysol directly on your hand and see what will happen. Moreover, you cannot spray it directly on the skin due to sensitivity and allergy.


Safety conduct

If you want to use Lysol to get rid of fleas, several safety measures are necessary to be implemented. It is not the first option action. Any safer method is better, unless you do not find others.

From the above explanation, now you understand about Lysol and its function. This one is mostly for preventive measure to ensure your house does have bacteria and pest, including flea.  Therefore, the question of “does Lysol kill fleas” is now answered at the previous section.

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