Dog’s Stomach Making Noises and Throwing Up: the Causes and Treatment

Dog's Stomach Making Noises and Throwing Up

Have you ever noticed your dog’s stomach making noises and throwing up? The scientific name for this gurgling sound is borborygmi. It happens when there is a gas movement within one part of the intestines to another section. The presence of gas in digestive system is something common and no need to worry. It is also normal because there is an activity within the digestive system that moves everything inside it. Hence, soft borborygmi are considered normal phenomena.

While some types of stomach noises are considered pretty normal, loud gurgling sounds may raise concern since it can be a sign of a more serious digestive issue. According to Rachel Barrack, a vet in New York City, dogs’ stomachs frequently make these kinds of loud sounds because they have eaten something inappropriate or another factor like the change in dietary consumption.

However, what if your dog’s stomach making noises and throwing up? As a dog parent, the first aid to save your canine is to stop giving them food and water and take them to the veterinarian immediately. The vet will examine your dog and highly likely take X-rays. If this examination process shows that your canine has swallowed a foreign object, surgery must be conducted to remove the item and prevent any fatal internal blockages.

As a dog owner, be mindful when your dog’s stomach making loud noises and throwing up since it can be a symptom of something severe. A loud gurgling, which is usually accompanied by throwing up, is one of the indications that a dog has an intestinal disorder. Since any type of intestinal disease can irritate a dog’s digestive system, it is vital for every dog parent to give your canines with an easily digestible food that is full of nutrients they require to recover.

Every high-quality dog food should have a well-balanced amount of nutrients to accurately support a dog’s digestive health. However, if your dog suffers from chronic abdomen issues, discuss specific dog food choices with a vet to see if another diet may be more proper.

If your canine has a mild stomach issue, probably from consuming too many treats, there are a number of things that can be conducted at home to get them back as usual. Give them with plenty of water, and encourage them to eat a small amount of weed because it is a natural way to cleanse their digestive system. However, if your dog’s stomach making noises and throwing up, stop giving them food, and take them to the nearest vet as quickly as possible to prevent the severe issue.

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