Squirrel Deterrent Bird Feeder Options to Prevent Them from Eating the Bird Food

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Squirrel Deterrent Bird Feeder Options to Prevent Them from Eating the Bird Food

Using squirrel deterrent bird feeder is the ultimate option for those, especially bird watchers, who get tired of squirrels eating up their bird food. Most people set up a bird food feeder outside their home to attract those beautiful birds. However, the creatures that come to those feeders are squirrels instead of birds. How to keep those squirrels out of your bird feeder? The answer is to use the feeders that are specifically designed to stop squirrel from eating them. Here they are:


Bird Feeder with Squirrel Stopper Pole
The most effective squirrel deterrent bird feeder is the one with squirrel stopper pole. This is a simple logic, actually. Bird can fly as high as they want but squirrel can only climb. When the squirrel cannot climb to certain point, they will give up and go away. The stopper pole is designed for that, specifically. It places the feeder on a top of a tall, tall pole, hence stopping the squirrel from eating them up.


Bird Feeder with Wrap Around Baffle
Baffle is the addition around the feeder to stop squirrels from eating bird food. They are often made out of plastic and their function is, obviously, to baffle any squirrels. This one is with the wrap around baffle. It looks like a UFO ship and when squirrels trying to get into the food container, they won’t be able to as they keep running around the baffle. This feeder with wrap around baffle seems to be quite effective for keeping those creatures away.


Bird Feeder with Torpedo Baffle
This option is using baffle with torpedo shape. The feeder will be placed under the torpedo and the squirrels won’t get into the food as they get distracted by the baffle and they will climb up and down repeatedly. This is why this feeder with torpedo baffle can really help feeding the bird and not the squirrels.

Squirrels are cute and adorable sometimes. However, when it comes to stealing your bird foods, they can be highly annoying. This is why when you set up a bird feeder, the design of the feeder must be the one that can stop squirrels. Those three options above are the best ones you can try. They can all stop squirrels form eating away the bird food and won’t make them come back for more. Choose the right squirrel deterrent bird feeder to use and you can enjoy the bird watching.

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