Hummingbird Sugar Water Ratio and Its Ultimate Recipe to Try

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Hummingbird sugar water ratio

Hummingbird sugar water ratio is the key to make liquid nectar for those tiny creatures. The natural food for hummingbird is nectar from the flowers. However, you can feed them with the artificial version of that nectar. It is made out of sugar and water. Yes, with only those two ingredients, you can feed the hummingbirds and watch them with ease. This is the recipe and the information, especially about the sugar-water ratio, to make the nectar liquid.


The Ingredients

The hummingbird sugar water ratio is 1 to 4. When you use 1 part of sugar, you should mix it up with 4 parts of water. The most common ingredient for the recipe is ¼ cup of refined sugar and 1 cup of water. This recipe will produce small amount of nectar liquid that feeds numerous hummingbird at the same time. Other than those two ingredients, you do not need anything else.


The Directions

To make the nectar liquid, the first thing you need to prepare is a large bowl. You need the bowl to be large enough as you will whisk the ingredients. Then, pour the sugar and the water and then whisk them. You can either use spoon or balloon whisker. The sugar should dissolve and the liquid becomes like translucent, pale yellow color. When they look that way, it means they are ready to use.


The Usage

Where to hang hummingbird feeder anyway? The answer for that is on the place where those birds are commonly found. Usually it is by the tree or the flower bush. Use a spoon or syringe to transfer the DIY nectar liquid to the tube of the bird feeder. Then, leave the feeder on the intended spots to keep the eyes on the birds. It is easy to do and certainly will keep numerous birds flying around on the yard.

There is no need to buy the expensive bird food when you can make them on your own. The recipe is very easy to do as it is only mixing two ingredients into one. You can do it all the time and make sure that the birds will keep coming to your yard to feast on the nectar liquid. When you try to make those foods on your own, make sure that you know exactly the hummingbird sugar water ratio, so the result won’t be disappointing at all.

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