Deworming Side Effects in Puppies, Explanation and How to React

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deworming side effects in puppies

Deworming your puppies is a good thing to do, but you should also know deworming side effects in puppies beforehand. As pet owner, you must know anything concerning your pets, how to cure their disease, and what side effects will they get after doing the treatment. It will lessen your panic when the effects happen. Here are the common side effects after the puppies have deworming treatment.



Vomiting and Diarrhea


Vomiting and diarrhea are common side effects after taking this treatment. It is probably because the dog’s body is reacting to strong medicines. If this happens, watch your puppies closely and try to give them water. If the problems continue after a few hours, you need to go to the vet. As stated above, this kind of reaction happens because of strong medicine’s effect. To prevent this, reduce the dosage or change to a different product.



Lack of appetite


After taking medicines, puppies usually lose their appetite. This is a pretty normal reaction, just like a human after taking medicines. This lack of appetite is only temporary. Your puppy’s appetite will grow again after few hours. If this condition still exists, go to the vet and check the puppy’s condition


Excessive salivation

It is normal for puppies to be drooling. If they drool a lot more than usual after taking medicines, it might be one of deworming side effects in puppies. In this case, you did not need to worry as this effect is only temporary and will disappear within 24 hours. You need to give them a lot of water to keep their saliva supplied.



This allergy does not happen to every puppy, and it can be caused by dog reaction to worming tablets. The symptoms of the allergy are having pale gum, seizure, breathing difficulties, and faint. If your puppies having these symptoms after taking the tablets, you must immediately take them to the vet and have their condition checked.

Even though these side effects are not dangerous, you must not let the puppies having a worm, to begin with. There are several ways to prevent them from getting worm, such as keeping a check on their food, always serving cooked meat for puppies, do not let them eat their feces, and washing all the vegetables before serving it to your puppies. Treat them for fleas at least monthly, and bring them to the vet to check for worm every 3 months.

Unlike human who needs to get a big bad worm to be infected, small worms is dangerous for puppies. You must not let the worms to continue growing as they will steal the good nutrients from puppies. Well, that’s all the information of deworming side effects in puppies you should know.

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