Neopar for Dogs to Give Them the Better Healthy Life

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Neopar for dogs

Dogs are just normal living things that can catch a lot of diseases, so to prevent bad condition; you need to give Neopar for dogs. This neopar is safe to be used for puppies at 6 weeks age or older. Neopar is the only vaccine that can protect the dogs from a dangerous lethal disease, called canine parvovirus. Until now, there is no current cure for this fatal disease. The only treatment is by putting your dogs in hospital, and then constantly checked by professional vet. The intensive therapy will be used on them to treat this disease. That being said, it is better to just give your dogs the vaccine.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that been spreading around until now. This can infect your precious dogs and will attack the dog’s intestines or heart. Moreover, it may cause diarrhea, weight loss, vomit, lack of appetite, and the worst case is disturbing heart muscles of young puppies. The disease can also cause death to your dogs.

After several studies, doctors have made a vaccine called neopar, and since then the case of canine parvovirus has been reduced a lot. If your puppies show these kinds of symptoms, you should come to the vet and check the dogs. Canine parvovirus is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact like touching infected feces.

You should take the dogs to vet to get neopar for dogs. You can take them to the vet starting when they are at least 42 days old. After the first vaccine, you will need to revaccinate your dogs every 14 to 21 days until they are 18 weeks old. Then, you can revaccinate them again annually. You must not do this vaccination on your own. Always take your dogs to vet for the vaccination. Since you take them to the vet, it is recommended to give them 5 ways vaccine. It will give the dogs’ better immunity to other diseases as well.

In addition, your dogs are not only pets, but also your best friend. You must not let your best friend suffer. You can also give them other protections from contacting the diseases by keeping in check their lifestyles. Most diseases caused by dogs contacting other things. You need to wash your dog’s toys to further prevent giving them bad diseases. Even with all protections, giving neopar for dogs will still be the best way to grants the dogs better protection for their life.

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