Effective Homemade Flea Treatment for Puppies that Works Every Time

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Effective Homemade Flea Treatment for Puppies that Works Every Time

Every dog owner needs to know the right flea treatment for puppies. Flea is indeed one of the biggest problems when it comes to dogs and puppies. They bother your dog so much and they can cause lots of discomforts, including severe itching and sometimes skin irritation as well. The best treatment for flea is actually the natural, homemade one. Down below you can find more information about it to try at home.


  1. Flea Treatment Using Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is packed with high acidity that can kill fleas in seconds. Fleas also do not like the tangy smell of the vinegar. To use apple cider vinegar as flea treatment, you can turn it into a spray. All you need to do is mixing equal amount of the vinegar and water. Mix them well and pour it into spray bottle. Spray the solution on your puppy’s body (avoid the eyes and mouth) and also on the area where your puppy sleeps and mostly lays on.
  2. Flea Treatment Using Lemon
    Lemon is also great in killing fleas. They are acidic and have strong smell, which is despised with fleas. Lemons can kill the fleas effectively if you turn them into spray, just like the apple cider vinegar. You need to boil 1 to 2 cups of water. Meanwhile, slice 1 lemon thinly. Once the water is boiling, add the lemon slices and turn off the heat. Let the mixture cooled overnight. Use the flea treatment for puppies as spray to the pup’s body. The high vitamin C on lemon helps soften the pup’s fur and prevent it from fleas as well.
  3. Flea Treatment Using Rosemary
    When it comes to herb that has great ability as flea control, rosemary is the answer. Rosemary has strong smell to keep the fleas away. Rosemary can be turned into spray or powder to kick the fleas. Both of the methods work very well. To make the rosemary as spray, soak fresh rosemary in water overnight and use the liquid to spray the pup’s body. To make the herb as powder, buy dried rosemary. Using food processor or good old pestle and mortar, ground together dried rosemary and salt. Use the mix to rub the dog’s boy. This is very effective flea treatment for puppies under 2 pounds

Treating flea on dogs or puppies does not need lots of over-the-counter medicines and chemical-loaded ingredients. All you need to use is the natural ingredients around you. By doing that, your puppies will be free from fleas and they can live comfortably. Making homemade flea treatment for puppies is very easy as well, you can make them effortlessly every time.

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