All You Need to Know about Taming Feral Cats

All You Need to Know about Taming Feral Cats

Taming feral cats is not an easy task. Yet, why does it need to tame feral cats? Let’s dig further all about feral cats. As known, there are people who want to adopt feral cats. In fact, they are not same with the stray cats. In what way they are different? For your information, the stray cats are community cats that are partially socialized. Meanwhile, the feral cats do not make any contact with human in their whole lives. Therefore, to get closer to human is something that is totally new experience. In this way the feral cats are different with stray cats.

Indeed, feral cats think that people are predators. It is also another thing that makes them afraid of human. Once again, taming feral cats won’t be that easy since you need to make a cat that never contacts to human, socialized. Nevertheless, it is not totally impossible. Feral cats can be tamed. As a little suggestion, the younger is the better. Other things to consider are its experiences and personality on the street.

As seen by previous words, can a feral cat become a house pet? The answer is possible, but it depends on several things. In order to help you knowing the ways, here are some advices on how to tame feral cats. First of all, it should be highlighted that approaching a sick cat is not recommended. A cat that acts out of ordinary also should be avoided. Another thing to know is to call animal control when a cat that always bolts to you suddenly comes closer to you.

What to remember is that feral cats have their own characteristics. There are feral cats that can be domesticated, but there are others that cannot be tamed at all. Indeed, you should not have high expectation. It is sometimes better to adopt cats from a shelter rather than trying to tame feral cats, like really.

However, a way to tame feral cats is just by giving cat food. Taming them is as simple as giving them routine cat food. It is such a help to give them awareness that being close to human means getting regular meals. During the process, do not make eye contact and do not start approaching them first. Let them approach and sniff your fingers. From this point, try to get socialized slowly. Final words, taming feral cats may take weeks or months, so be prepared or leave it.

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